Wednesday, February 07, 2007

NBA star John Amaechi comes out

more here. Thanks BK for the link.


damsel 9:55 pm  

I wonder how Nigeria would take it if one of our national team football players comes out as gay....

RJ 10:48 pm  

And it starts...

Fred 1:22 pm  

Y-a-w-n. Boooooooring!

Omohemi Benson,  5:27 pm  

Just heard it on News, today.
Thank God he is not in Nigeria,it won't be easy for him to come out.
But how does a fine,rich &althetic brother become gay?

Nony A. Mous,  6:11 am  

lol...perhaps by having sex of all sorts with women of all sorts and eventually becoming tired...

Anonymous,  8:48 pm  

No one 'just becomes gay'! He was gay all the time and just feels confident and comfortable enough to come out now. Good luck to him.

Bella Naija 10:39 pm  

I'm glad he come out.
yes it may not seem like a big deal plus he is hawking his bio but homophobia is still very rife is team sports worldwide. So hopefully this sets a positive example and inspires other athletes.

Anonymous,  5:42 am  

ori gbo gbo yin o pe

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