Sunday, February 04, 2007

Measuring Time

Helon Habila's new novel Measuring Time finally hit the shops in the UK this week. It is a wonderful novel and will confirm his reputation as one of the finest writers on the continent. Click here for a review in today's Observer. Measuring Time and the earlier novel, Waiting For An Angel, will be published in West Africa by Cassava Republic later this year.


Fred 4:02 pm  

What little (thanks to Talatu-Carmen) I have read of Habila hints to me of his writing acumen. I can't wait to read both novels.

Talatu-Carmen 7:55 am  

since fred is singing my name here, i'll add my comment. I'm currently in the middle of Measuring Time. In a moment of weakness while stuck on a thesis transition Friday (my thesis is on Habila's first novel Waiting for an Angel), I picked it up and read to the middle before I could stop myself. I'm now having to discipline myself not to just stop everything I'm doing to finish it. I tell myself it will be my treat for finishing revisions on my thesis... {-; So, far I'm enjoying it a great deal.

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