Sunday, February 25, 2007

Pop Idol Ghana

Oh dear - the Ghana leg of Pop Idol West Africa is awful. The quality of the 'talent' is way lower than Nigeria. Wetin dey happen? I would be embarrassed to be Ghanaian judging by the crap that walked into the studio.. Is it just that Nigeria has a much bigger population (and therefore more mathematical opportunity for talent to emerge), or the Ghana leg was not well advertised, or is it simply that Ghana lacks a youth culture as vital and energetic as Nigeria's?


Omo Naija 11:19 pm  

I think its the later. Nigerians, particularly in the Christian south have a strong affinity for western culture. While I hate that fact (since it erodes our culture) in this case its a sad positive.

sir john,  4:25 pm  

Also we have to consider the fact that the average ghanians pronouciation of english words are heavily accented,so singing is going to be worse."I believe I can fry"

catherine 6:24 am  

the person who made this block must be nigerian, u guys have the worst accent. u say wok instead of work. dumb naijas

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