Thursday, February 15, 2007

The indefatigable Mo Abudu

If there was a vote for the number one superwoman in the corporate world in Nigeria, I reckon Mo Abudu would win hands down. Not content with setting up Vic Lawrence, a leading HR consultancy, and bringing the upscale Protea Oakwood Park to reality along the Lekki axis in Lagos, she has now launched the Inspire Africa project: part talk show, part publishing business, part business centre network for Africans in the diaspora. Does this woman ever run out of ideas or energy? I'm lucky to know Mo, and besides the stellar corporate career, there's much else to admire about her. A devout Christian married to a Muslim man is one key thing to celebrate, in these intolerant times. Go check out the site and be inspired by this one-woman roller coaster...


naijagal 3:46 pm  

i am inspired to see women doing great things, it is impressive

Omohemi Benson,  7:15 pm  

I love her too.
Met her once and she is truly amazing.
Will check site.

kemi,  10:38 pm  

Of course she's inspirational.

She's an Ondo woman.. HELLOOOOO.


Fred 12:00 am  

Ondo olodo.

Anonymous,  10:32 am  

What's with all the self promotion anyway? Quoting herself alongside Mandela? Oh puhleeze

Anonymous,  10:34 am  

What's with the self promo? Quoting herself alongside Mandela? Oh puhleese!

Anonymous,  11:20 am  

yes so what she is quoting herself. If Ms Oprah can do it, why not her. lets not start berating before she's even got the thing off the ground.

Dami 1:50 am  

Good to go

Toyin Odulate,  2:30 am  

I actually know Mo' and have been a big fan of hers from the day we first met over 5 years ago. I certainly consider her an inspiration to African women and I love that she keeps re-inventing herself. As I've told her before, she rocks :-)

Anonymous,  11:16 am  

i think she has done a great job. she can qoute along side mandela its not like anyone has done anything close to what she has done. please don't discourage before waht she starts has even been lifted off the ground yet

Anonymous,  11:27 am  

Fine, lets lift up our jnr-sister to do great things. If anyone will try we nigerian abroad and those at home must lift them up all we can. Personally, i've been looking to invest in a venture to promote a media-personnality to an Oprah-class show to culmilate sucessfull nigerian abroad on issues to advance our motherland Nigeria. That said as a christian we are not to sacrifice the direction of the Holy-Sprit that we Christians MUST-NOT be 'unequally yoked' with unbelievers of Christ. Mo what are you thinking? Tolorance is no excuse.WE MUST put the ordinance of the one who died on the cross for US first. But fret-not,but harden not your heart,just ask for your saviour's forgiveness. P.S. I'm not a pastor, just a well Blessed 5-star hotel developer follower of Christ naija stationed in the United States. CHEERS. My people will soon be in-touch with Mrs Abudu and/or MS Iyanda.

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