Sunday, February 11, 2007

Monsieur Pedro

I just received this text:

WATCH OUT! Today at 7:30pm on LTV 8, there will be a documentary on Femi Pedro's journey to Destiny 2007. Together we'll make great things happen in Lagos

Its a shame we can't get this in Abuja. I wonder if there'll be a feature on that all important milestone on this amazing journey: the moment they decided that he should take over the Deputy Governor's official residence (a huge compound in Ikoyi) as his own property..


Anonymous,  11:39 pm  

umm jeremiah, im not sure i understand what u mean, but from all indications, femi pedro is the most qualified candidate.....what do you guys think?

he's got a pretty cool campaign video on youtube as well...

Toks- Boy 12:30 am  

I am not often moved to swearing on other people's blogs but I wonder what the hell these "indications" are that make our man Pedro the most qualified candidate. Can anyone please list 5 accomplishments of this great man in his current role?

there are a lot of other cool videos on youtube. Maybe we should elect one of these muppets as governor?

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