Saturday, February 24, 2007

Pop Idol West Africa

I come home from my Northern trek to two tv addicts - Bibi and sis-in-law Yetunde are official Pop Idol West Africa addicts. The show (broadcast on South African channel M-Net Series through DSTV) started last week. Having just watched an hour of it, I can see why. The three judges are Lagos based Cool FM Christian DJ Dan Foster, a Ghanaian singer named Abrewa Nana, and ex-Fela muso Dede Mabiaku. What's interesting is that a lot of the contestants (who have to sing acapella) are from the evangelical Christian gospel tradition, singing 'I believe I can fly' with warbly voices. Dan Foster goes along with this format, but Dede and Nana don't like the style at all. Dede (who plays the Simon Cowell grumpy critic role) knows his music and often has insightful critical comments, but more than anything, he's a theatrical joy to watch, with his husky baritone voice and dramatic hand-to-forehead gestures. So we have secular critique on Nigerian tv. Some of the singers are genuinely talented, but the evangelical-gospel style quickly becomes tedious.


My Talking Beginnings 9:12 pm  

I can imagine!!
lol lol lol!

Jeremy 10:45 pm  

Check out the Syntyche video clip on the website (linked in the post) - already a potential winner with an incredible voice..

Anonymous,  2:12 pm  

It really is hilarious and I feel Dede's frustration.

doyin,  8:38 pm  

knvDede really does seem to have a better musical ear than Dan and Nana.His comments are respected and opinions sometimes well consicered, he sometimes forgets too soon that he is dealing with people with emotions and feelings.
His remarks cuts like a knife especially towards the male contestants. His smiles and facials seem to douse the poison barbs he sends towards the more beautiful female contestants! On the whole however, I don't admire the judges, a daunting task they have to undertake.

Lagos,  3:35 pm  

So far my husband and I have enjoyed watching West African Idol. My message is to Omawumi - keep it up girl you rock and really you are a performer. thumbs up for ya! A.N. Lusaka - Zambia,  3:41 pm  

Dede, apart from playing music, have you ever acted before? You must also try comedy and acting in general. I think I would enjoy seeing you act because you make me laugh to the ground. I can't even drink water when I am watching the auditions because I fear being choked. Many, Many, thanks because I get realived of stress. A.N - Lusaka Zambia

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