Friday, July 25, 2008

Africa rising

There's been the mother of all battles between Lagos State Government and This Day newspaper in the past few days. This story sheds some light.


Beneath my feet 10:18 am  

1) no need for his minging lies re: his income;
2) schnidy kingibe will not be finding this funny;
3) i think the whole wahala is to do with him trying to expose Tinubu re the lebanese brothers;
4)fashola has to defend the brotherhood;

drama in nigeria is still nowhere near Bulgakov's Master and Margarita

Opium,  10:26 am  

... Mr. Bamidele is an angry middle-age youthful lawyer ... that sentence made me smile.

Hopefully this will bring home the importance of paying taxes instead of gaming the system and yet complaining about the lack of infrastructure that you consistently cannot be bothered in pay for via your taxes.

Anonymous,  11:15 am  

Hmm it surprises me when some people parade themselves as what they are not. This guy used to batter his 1st wife so much that she ran away to London with her kids onetime.He's now Mr show biz abi!He should just go and pay his taxes you see people can be stupid sometimes when granting interviews, they boast not knowing who is watching or listening.

Controversial Anon 2:32 pm  

It will end in tears!

Anonymous,  4:49 pm  

who gives a fuck whether or not hitech belongs to the chagourys? My question is: Did they deliver on the job? (personally, i don't understand why there are no traffic lights on ozumba mbadiwe and why the road narrows so much at the law school junction but there you have it),did they pay the required taxes after being given the contract and all such pertinent questions. If the answer is yes (and i think they did a reasonably good job with ozumba, apart from my complaints above), then who the hell cares if it belongs to the chagourys and if they're cozying up to the governor and governor-general? It's the way of the world!! If i wanted a job of that magnitude, I would butter up whoever i had to real quick!

Anonymous,  5:25 pm  

i love LSG. sorry, i just do. ever since the pensions-for-the-golden-eaglets thing.

Ijeoma,  12:50 am  

Everybody in the media knows that Nduka is a racketeer and blackmailer per excellence. There was a time he didn't pay his staff for months, then he turned around and told them their This Day ID card was enough payment for them, that they didn't need him to pay their salaries to survive when they could use their ID cards to run as many 'rackets' as they wanted to in the name of reporting. I always saw this 'This Day Festival' for the scam it was from day one. One day it will all blow up in his face.

Anonymous,  7:51 pm  

hmm .. stick to the topic pls.

@ anon 11.15 - Efe Obaigbena is still married to Nduka ... Dont just state untrue things. I am related to these guys and I wont say in what way but sometimes it hurts when you write untruths.

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