Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Corridor, Excel exhibition centre


Anonymous,  10:57 pm  

Is that Excel @ Docklands?
If so you have taken the most boring picture of the place.

Hurray! My first negative, hater comment on Naijablog.....lol......

The Pseudo-Independent 12:10 am  

anon 10:57, that was the most boring comment anyone will ever read....:)


Skill can be employed to denote intelligence. Perhaps this photo could be about cricket, sport or journalism - the corridor of uncertainty.

Jez, you are a man of great talent

Anonymous,  1:53 am  

Sorry, is Voltron dead? (Defender of the Universe/pseudo-whoever).

Listen, he's not doing Excel any justice. His next shot of the place is even lamer. If that's his impression of the place, fine.

Jeremy, next time you should venture out a little further than the corridor (lol - I'm so bitchy today!) or maybe even get off the Tube @ the "Excel" stop and wander around a bit........

Pseudo baby, its OK, you don't have to defend this....... just messin' with J. He's got a competitive streak and can't resist an argument........

Anonymous,  7:49 am  

@anonymous, whose d--k are you sucking? who makes you come here everyday to take a jab at Jeremy? Tell him to come here himself.

Honey, his d--k ain't that sweet. Give it a rest already.

The Pseudo-Independent 10:56 am  

anon1:53 AM, still want to paint you though

Anonymous,  1:19 am  

Anon 7.47am, don't worry I haven't taken over from you. I sensed the worry in your opening sentence and the desperateness of "tell him to come here himself".......

Sandrine made me do it :)

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