Saturday, July 26, 2008

Nigerian university African-wide rankings

Obafemi Awolowo University is the highest ranked Nigerian university in Africa - at 68th on the list. Stark evidence of how low Nigeria's tertiary sector has sunk, and how far it has to go to compete even only in continental terms.


TMinx 8:30 pm  

A very real low...

Akin 8:33 pm  


This makes a very uncomfortable reading, only 2 universities make the top hundred in Africa and Ibadan is way down at 85.

Those are rankings for July 2008, so whatever happened to all those private universities that exercise morality over education?

I think the federal government has to chose 4 universities and 4 teaching hospitals - throw everything at them to make them world-class and use them to mentor others.


Controversial Anon 12:34 am  

ha ha ha

Ok Jeremy, I'm not sure you read through this thing before you posted, plus I'm not gonna be too hard on you because Nigeria Universities truly are rubbish, but this thing is a ranking of Universities web usage and presence.

Please read the 'About the ranking' page and you will see what I'm talking about, my suspicion began when I noticed that Princeton, Yale, Cambridge, and Oxford where ranked a bit too low and not in keeping with what I see in other better known rankings.

So this is a ranking of Universities by web usage, nothing more.

Beneath my feet 1:14 am  

In what may seem an absolute necessity for economic and social development Nigeria's OAU actually ranks 7,703 in the world.

NB: however the "original aim of the Ranking was to promote Web publication?"

anonymaus,  2:30 am  

That sinking feeling, one indicator after another is echoing the fact that the country is going nowhere (or is sliding backwards).

It seems that the best universities are to be found at the extreme localities of the continent ie South Africa and Egypt (where sub-Saharan involvement is minimalised). This could even be interpreted as saying there is no use in attending universities in Nigeria, as their qualifications are worthless, anywhere is better than Nigeria. (even the university of Mogadishiu, in war torn Somalia)

No doubt the minister of education will come out with all sorts of "clap trap" to justify such pitiful rankings.

One can only shake one's head in despair.

Jaycee 2:43 am  

I like your suggestion Akin. But how can we make the federal government see that they need to do this?

That's the real issue. Join the fb grp: N4C

Anonymous,  3:30 am  

What do the government care. Their children do not attend Nigerian schools.

Anonymous,  5:11 am  

Folks, let's take it easy with rankings. Even here in the US, the Univeristies do not take rankings seriously. I was at the school which has been ranked the number 1 undergrad college for about 10 straight years now, and every year, the administrators laugh at the subjectivity of the whole exercise.

Please before you begin to heap insults, te-slow and remember that this is based on often-rigid criteria.

anonymaus,  5:45 am  

"...Nigeria is behind some of the most catastrophic countries in Africa in terms of the most basic infrastructure. Our governments should be disturbed about Nigeria's non-competitiveness even among our African neighbours. We find satisfying excuses for every challenge...."

Taken from

If you read the whole article, one can only come to the conclusion is that what is being said is the truth.

It seems as if we are witnessing yet another missed opportunity. Sad but true.

Beneath my feet 10:49 am  

the anony'mouses' have been hoodwinked

Goy 1:21 pm  

I agree with controversial anon. Let's not pretend that all is rosy in the garden - I was at OAU, and things were not at all great - but this survey is based on rather arbitary criteria.

What on earth is web presence, anyway? As for the merry-go-round of publishing research papers...the less said, the better

Anonymous,  1:39 pm  

did anybody bother to read controversial anon's post?

derek,  5:26 pm  

At least Controversial Anon has it right...perhaps, this post is a question of finding what you expect to find: low attainment in Nigerian universities-- which might be true, though this list does not give the evidence. More likely evidence is that scholars and writers look elsewhere for education.

Anonymous,  5:35 am  

Thank you o jare controversial anon, better person. Jer, you are just as bad as the journalists you criticize who do not do their proper homework.See how some people swallowed hook, line and sinker.Thay did not even bother to check the link.If na fish bone them throw una,na so una go chop am because oyibo say e sweet.

Anonymous,  12:46 pm  

Don't trust the rankings, I couldn't find the London School of Economics on any of the lists :-)

Anonymous,  1:59 pm  

Don't trust the rankings, I couldn't find the London School of Economics on any of the lists :-)

maitumbi,  9:27 pm  

Yeah go ahead anonymous, hate the massenger, ignore the message.

Talatu-Carmen 12:57 am  

Right... so as controversial anonymous says... here is the link to the "about the rankings":

chikwe ihekweazu 9:21 pm  

Mogadishu University was ranked 40th!

wole,  2:43 pm  

it is sinister and disheartening, that none of the so-called,Nigeria leading universities,can't attain the peak,the menace is due to faulty foundation,of admitting candidates on the basis of mediocrity,and not on the basis of meritocracy.
wole 08072236679.

beewhy 2:23 pm  

The issue here is not on the students per se as some posters did pointed out.Its about the state of infrastructure in the country. As it would be seen, the ranking is based on web prescence and not truly an academic ranking.

A number of us would agree with me that IT facilities in Nigeria is almost as erratic as the power supply in the country. Since the ranking was based on web prescence, we should not expect much from it. Notwithstanding, Nigerian Universities can still be trusted with good and quality graduates.

At least, some of us finished from Nigeria in 2006 and are currently on an M.Sc programme in some of the world acclaimed best universities. We are competing favourably with other graduates from various parts of the world. I am bold to say that I am always among the top guyz in my class. so whats the big deal?

I believe it is not as bad as some people think it is in Nigeria. we just need to improve on the basic facilities.

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