Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Sweetshop, Winchcombe


The Pseudo-Independent 11:45 pm  

awfully nice! You take some terribly nice photos. I love them

Anonymous,  7:08 am  

Ain't nothing nice about that picture, sorry. Well, except Sodium Saccharin and Yellow #5 is what gets you off.

Anonymous,  7:52 am  

@anonymous lol, and what gets you off? Go back to the man that has got you doing his dirty job. Good for nothing female.

Anonymous,  10:53 am  

I remember I used to gorge on those strawberry bon bons when I was a kid. School friends used to call me pinkie (I'm black) because my tongue was always bright pink from all the sweets!

Sandrine 4:05 pm  

My favorites were always the hard candy raspberry shaped ones.When I was a kid, for Christmas, we use to get also the kind that's kind of a cube with stripes (couldn't find the name).

Prince,  4:21 pm  

@ anon 7:52a.m. 'Good for nothing female'?

I object to sexism. Good for nothing hermaphrodite.

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