Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Royal Albert Dock, outside Excel

There you go, a 'pretty' picture near Excel. I prefer the corridor snap.


Iyaeto 1:14 am  

Nice shot! that's right up my street.

The Pseudo-Independent 2:35 pm  

iyaeto, you need to get away from london if you want some breath taking views or sea facing wonderful sandy beaches with breathtaking coastal views - why not come down to cornwall for a weekend - newquay is great. Or Devon - the English riviera...

Jez is a fabulous photographer snd the shots will be much nicer :)

but i still prefer the corridor below, there is something about it...post should have been tagged corridors of hope?

Anonymous,  6:28 pm  

oy! Pseudo independent!" Jez" has a copyright!

The Pseudo-Independent 11:17 pm  

Anonymous, you billybumbler

The Pseudo-Independent 11:22 pm  

@Anonymous, hahahahaha! I just wanted to make you feel less shy :)

You are supposed to come out of hiding, introduce yourself, and stroke your ego

Iyaeto 11:29 pm  

@ pseudo-independent I'll try one of these days. BTW Jeremy,I hope you had something to eat at Nakhon Thai when you were at the Excel. I love their food.

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