Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Chioma goes travelling

For the next year, the altogether lovely Chioma Ogwuegbu (formerly of KIND) will be travelling around Africa by road. She plans to visit about 30 countries, taking pictures, filming and writing about the peoples, cultures, religions and languages of Africa.

She's starting off in Ghana on the 13th of July 2008. To follow her on her travels, click here and here. May her travels go well, and her experiences be rich and rewarding.


anonymaus,  7:41 pm  

I checked her route, it appears she's not going through South Africa?! That's like going to North America and not going through the United States!

She knows what she's doing, I wish her a safe journey. (ijeoma - I think)

Tunji Sarumi Photography 9:31 pm  

Safe journey as you explore Africa.

Anonymous,  4:13 am  

Great stuff and all the very best to the "altogether brave" Chioma.

After climbing Mount Kilimanjaro last year, I tried to enlist in a couple of "Cape to Cairo" safaris but was roundly rejected by all the outfits I tried, ostensibly due to my age (I was 46 years old then).

I only blow my own trumpet (softly) there to show much respect for the endeavor Chioma is starting.

I will be moving to Tanzania (from NJ, USA) next month and hope to be settled enough to be of some assistance when she passes through that part of Africa.

I also look forward to reading, viewing and talking about her reports and of course the book that must eventually come out of this experience.

Till then..aluta continua

Babygirl,  3:36 pm  

Awwww...our very own Chioma. We wish you all the best. Go well.

Standtall 6:07 pm  

I first learnt of her trip from Blue Eyed Blod of KIND http://naijabeb.blogspot.com/.

I am delighted that she takes off on my b'day 13th. It's a good sign.

Anengiyefa 6:27 pm  

Well, anonymaus, if I was her, I too would avoid South Africa as seems to have done. It's noteworthy too that Chad and Western Sudan(why does Darfur and the Janjaweed come to mind?), as well as Spanish Sahara (Western Sahara), are also on on her miss list.

This is something I too would have loved to do myself. I have always been just a bit envious of those who have the intrepidity and resolute courage to embark on such profound adventure as this. How marvelous! This beats by a mile sitting down in airport lounges, on planes and in hotel rooms and bars . I wish I could go too..

Chioma 2:30 pm  

Wow, Jeremy, thanks for posting thing this!(Where did you get that crazy pic?)

Thanks all for your good wishes, i promise to have a great time on behalf of all of you!

Jeremy 2:36 pm  

I take am from your facebook page...

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