Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Black Italian Vogue

Update on the all-black edition of Vogue Italy.


Toks- Boy 11:03 am  

Jeremy - I was watching Obama on TV during his vist to London yesterday and it struck me that his Presidency seemed unstoppable. As if ordained. His time had come. This whole Vogue thing feels the same. I get the sense that people are bored with the status quo and are looking for a change. Of course there are no guarantees that change will equal better. But we live in hope.

p.s - I still have not been able to find a copy of the magazine Bibi bought in London (and not for lack of trying).

Anonymous,  1:36 pm  

toks-boy, don't get caught up. tho many things favor obama, he could very well lose. they are many quirks to how americans choose presidents, and it generally comes down to just 5 swing states.

the vogue thing however, is just a marketing ploy

Cheetarah 4:42 pm  

Yes Black is definately becoming the color for this season,lol! Personally i didnt buy the vogue issue coz even doe im neck deep in2fashion vogue bores me in an unexplainable it was in italian, vogue Luomo has english titles and itaalian articles, tragic if ur not just after the editorials,this doesnt mean i didnt support the idea. Everywhere u look there is a stunning black model, so its good that the awakening has come, question is will it last? Only time will tell, if more people like Duro ask for black runway models then there trully will be change.

Controversial Anon 12:59 pm  

Is this meant to be news? or is it meant to impress black people? So what if there never are any black models in vogue?

I never hear the Chinese crying about things like things like this, what I see them do is start their own businesses, they start their own 'Vogue', and their own 'NASA', and so on. Black people only are the ones who are excited by token initiatives like this one.

oooooh why can't white people include us in their own thing?

White people sweat to build their businesses and we moan about them not being 'inclusive', they build up their country and we complain that they dont give us visas, exactly what is it that we have done for ourselves?

Get up and do something black man!

Anonymous,  7:26 pm  

that's a good start CA........
Don't tar us all with the same brush please.

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