Saturday, July 19, 2008

Senator Ekaette does Nigeria proud

Not. Proof positive that Nigerian politicians live in a parallel estacode-funded universe.

Thanks Olly/Victor for the link.


Sugabelly 4:13 pm  

serves the bloody woman right.

anonymaus,  5:12 pm  

Maybe they may take the hint and stop being so silly and trivial, and wake up and realise there are more pressing and basic issues at hand, that demand urgent attention. Rather than this trivia that they like to obsess themselves with.

onydchic 5:32 pm  

its good. thats one national embarrassment im willing to take if it will make that silly woman realize how stupid and off point that bill is.

Waffarian 5:47 pm  

Good for that bush woman! I wonder what she was expecting? A grand reception? Hisssssssss, maybe now, she will understand just how ridiculous that bill is. Oh...and why couldn't she defend it now? dem for just flog am for there! Nonsense!

Meanwhile...73 people? Na wah oh!

Anonymous,  9:59 pm  

...hmmm to think of all the money and estacode spent to promote this stupidity. 73 people: Round trip fares, accommodation, daily allowance...
Keep in mind that the average hotel in New York City is at least $250 per night ($400 or more for hotels around the UN)

WHY do we Nigerians keep embarassing ourselves silly in front of the world???? What a joke!

Anonymous,  5:58 am  

So it takes 73 people to drive home the point that this woman is as dumb as a box of rocks. For real, how stupid is she to even take it that far. Nudity for crying out loud. Has she done anything about the women that are being physically abused by their husbands and have no where to turn or the fact that the mortality rate of pregnant women and babies in Nigeria is abominably high. This sickens me. She should shave her head and rub ashes on her head. She is a disgrace.
It makes us look unintelligent as a nation aalllllllllllllll those people followed (the blind leading the blind) along just to make a point of making sure that we do not see cleavage anymore because those poor poor poor married men might be tempted to touch what they were not invited to touch. Shameless lot

Anonymous,  6:03 am  

"...Ironically, Ekaette and the delegates were at the UN to push for her bill which has made two successful outings on the floor of the Senate..."

I stopped reading here. Jeremy, are you sure you are a Phd? You have really heard of people going to the UN to push domestic bills through? (Please, any precedents will be appreciated) Whatever institution gave you your Phd should be contacted, because a 30+ year old man who claims to be educated (a Pd, no less) but is still unable to recognize junk journalism by a lazy journo is a disgrace to any institute of higher education. You'd better get a refund from that school, Dokita, because it appears you have space between your ears and nothing else. Egbe oshi.

Anonymous,  10:44 am  

@anonymous 6:03, let me guess, you were one of the 73? Mumu!lol.

Anonymous,  7:32 pm  

Obviously anon at 6:03 must have been one of the 73 .

Anonymous,  7:45 pm  

@ anon 10:44 - stop punching above your weight. You don't understand the discussion, stay away.

daf,  8:02 pm  

Reading the vanguard report, I thought it was ridiculous that they will mention the nudity bill at the U.N, it doesn't make sense. After some research, it turns out that nothing on nudity bill was mentioned, instead the delegation was focusing on discrimination against women.

Even though the delegation set a record of 73 people at a UN meeting. Crazy country!

Anonymous,  12:03 am  

anon 6.03am
just wanted to point out a few things
(a)Jeremy didn’t write the article in reference… (You do sound quite bitter about him having a PhD though) but still I don’t know what the article has to do with having a PhD.
(b) If you ‘really’ did read the link, you’d see it was written by a deputy editor in the vanguard and someone else
(c)…and to make it easier for you to understand the workings of the UN and maybe why Ekaette was slammed while she was there, READ THE PRESS RELEASE FROM THE MEETING ON THE UN WEBPAGE…AND take the course on ‘The structure, drafting, presentation and adoption of resolutions in the UN’. It would save you from embarrassing yourself anonymously on the internet.

me,  2:19 am  

Does anyone have pictures of Sen. Ekaette? She sounds like a real style icon.......

Anonymous,  12:02 pm  

@anon 6:03, above my weight? discussing Jeremy being "egbe oshi"(by the way, how local are you?)is above my weight?

I can take it to any level you want honey, even your local level is okay. You are blaming us cos you went to fool yourself in UN?

It is you who should stay away, better still go back and eat your awoof food while it lasts. Parasite.

anengiyefa,  12:52 pm  

We Nigerians are such a confused lot, LOL!

Anonymous,  2:19 pm  

Am guessing Anon 6.03 is the same anon whose signature is to end posts with an insult in Yoruba. The act is getting a bit tired and monotonous now. Get another party act...

ayo 7:02 pm  

One would recognise anon 6:30's comments anywhere. This anon is Jeremy's personal pest. Watch out, especially on public interest posts like this. You can't miss 'it' - brash, insolent and thick as a brick.
Much props to Jez for posting the comments anyway. I wouldn't.

Anonymous,  6:30 am  

@ anon 12:03, I don't believe anybody suggested that Jeremy wrote the article. And surely, when a man is educated, you'd expect that reading comprehension is no longer a challenge. And even if that is the case (i.e. he is still challenged re: comprehension), common sense has not become so scarce, has it? It does not require genius to figure that this article belongs in the rubbish bin. A well-coached Primary 5 chap should be able to tell you this.

Anonymous,  6:33 am  

@ anon 12:02,

local: definition

"relating to or applicable to or concerned with the administration of a city or town or district rather than a larger area; "local taxes"; "local .."

See, this is where colonial mentality has gone awry. 'Local' to you is a code for 'Black' or 'African'. So what anon 6:03 used 'local' (read: African) words. I suppose you wake up every morning, paint your skin white, your nose pink and work on your 'Queens English' accent, no?

I won't use 'Egbe Oshi' like he did: instead I'll use another 'local' term (oloshi, alainironu).

K. A. O,  6:56 am  

Let's get a couple of things straight:

1) Nigeria went to the UN to discuss a bill about nudity. Very interesting, of course, as long as you conveniently forget that the UN has no business dealing with this kind of stuff.

2) It is a little curious that no international (i.e. reputable) website or news agency has covered this story. Not even 'Yahoo Oddly Enough' or 'The Onion'. Very curious indeed.

3) It is also strange for me to see so many Nigerians who are sadly naive and gullible enough to swallow whole every report they read with no reference to reality or common sense. Such Nigerians abound in the comments section of this particular blog post.

Exhibits below:
@ sugabelly, did you understand this article? And if so, did you consider how improbable it is that the UN would discuss a nudity bill from some obscure nation when indeed there are millions of pressing issues around the world today?

@ anon 5:12 (anonymaus), see above. Do some of you people not process ANY information?

@ anon 2:19, perfectly incapable of contributing to the discussion, I see.

@ ayo, the 'it' missing is your contribution to this discussion. Or the missing stuff that's made your barrel an empty and depressingly loud one.

@ naijablog, whyever would you post such an article on your blog? I mean, this beats posting straight from 'Elendu Reports'. Any article that's an obvious product of a bored reporter surely (surely) should not be given any serious consideration.

The problem of course, is the number of Nigerians (mostly frustrated economic refugees serving their 20-to-life in the West) who are so desperate to cast dung on their own country that they are willing to accept any negative report about Nigeria, never mind that it was written by a delusional reporter from the comfort of his armchair in Surulere, or that it was posted by a man who desperately lacks any understanding of Nigeria, and it's believed by only the most gullible and mush-brained Nigerians.

Now that a few folks (I can count a number of sensible posters) have pointed out the sheer improbability of this ridiculous piece of junk (masquerading as a piece of news), I expect people to recognize their problems and privately acknowledge them. In public, though, we will continue to see the relentlessly combatant attitude towards Nigeria, even when this (as with this case) makes no reference to reality. Admitting that one jumped to conclusions is not the Nigerian way, and I do not expect to see anybody even attempt to explain away the fact that a bill was being discussed at the UN when the UN hardly ever handles matters of this nature. And surely not in a world facing a global economic crisis, Darfur, etc.

Not only are many young, internet-savvy Nigerians fraudsters, many are apparently thoroughly incapable of independent thought, and will instead swallow whole everything they read.

Anonymous,  12:23 pm  

"Not only are many young, internet-savvy Nigerians fraudsters..."

Surely, this generalization must be an example of the "relentlessly combatant attitude" you were talking about? A point well made. Thanks.

And yes, we shall read anything we want. You think we care about how YOU interprete your shit? Who the fuck do you think you are? Nobody cares for how you read articles on the internet, that is your damn business. People can read whatever they want. A couple of people read an article and they did not read it the way YOU wanted, and so? how does it affect you? Is your life so simplistic and boring that an article on the internet is causing you so much pain? Really, what is wrong with you?

Olawunmi 2:32 pm  

foolish woman. talk about misplaced priorities. people are hungry and dying in darkness and she wants to spend millions (billions) of naira talking about showing their yanshes. idiocy!!

Anonymous,  4:14 pm  

@anon 6:33, look at this over zealous intellectual! wetin concern us with meaning of "local" wey you go find for oyibo man dictionary,(the same english wey dey pain you say people dey speak)If you dey so in touch with ur naija roots, you go know wetin local fowl mean. Olodo.

Anonymous,  5:42 pm  

@ anon 12:23, language. Why do you have to swear with the f-word? My kids read this blog. Please let us keep it simple and civil.

me,  7:18 pm  

k.a.o you sure told 'em.

So why'd you read this blog?

And yes its 2.19 and I still want pictures :)

Anonymous,  7:42 pm  

Angry and disgruntled anon at 6:56am................GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!

Lola 9:47 am  

I had to check the page and everything again cuz it didn't seem like a real article more like a hoax....on any other topic i think Jeremy would have called on it.

HOWEVER...........anything that shows to light the stupidity of Ekaette is welcomed by me. Hmmm....ladies and gentlement, what can you do to render your voice against this Nudity Bill??? we're all sitting and commenting on Jeremy's blog and facebook, etc, but you all realize that this means absolutely nothing to Ekaette and the senate people??? we have to actually act. think of it.

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