Monday, July 14, 2008

The new last king of Scotland?

Jomo Gbomo is offered a kilt to wear, here. Mend need to learn a bit of history and also realise that the vast majority of Scottish people actually don't want independence from the UK. A 'militant group in Scotland'. Pah, what a joke!


olu,  5:12 am  

I guess Sean Connery will die overseas then ....

Controversial Anon,  11:32 am  

And how do you know this? Do you live in Scotland? Have you done a study to find out? What is the evidence for your conclusion?

If the 'majority of people do not want independence' then how come the SNP are the ruling party - they have more seats in Holyrood than any other party, they won more votes, they won more counties. And the central ideology of the SNP is that Scotland must be independent.

Viva SNP! Fuck MEND!

Jeremy 12:56 pm  

Poll after poll has shown that the majority of Scots want to retain British citizenship and overarching identity. Go online and do your research. The reason why the SNP got in was a local issue, not reflective of any great uprising of nationalist sentiment. The fact that Alex Salmond has done such an appalling job and gone back on his word for a referendum (he knows too well what the result would be) is proof enough.

Sean Connery and his fools are a cranky marginal element in Scottish politics.

The fact that Scotland gets ten billion pounds subsidy every year from Whitehall of course might have something to do with the balance of the equation... When the oil runs out in the North Sea Scotland may be in trouble and become underdeveloped..

Anengiyefa 8:34 pm  

Jeremy, the main reason Mr Salmond has reneged on his promise of a referendum, is because the SNP are holding back until after the next general election, when after the Conservatives have won central government, the choice for Scots will be "who do you prefer? The Tory toffs, or the Scottish National Party?" They know that they won't win a referendum until then. By the way, Scotland understands the importance of putting things in place in anticipation of the eventual drying-up of the oil, and I would argue that there is not even the slightest chance of Scotland becoming underdeveloped.

Controversial Anonymous, the majority of Scots are in favour of the union with the rest of the United Kingdom. And people dont have to live in a country to know whats going on.

Controversial Anon,  5:11 pm  

What do you think is going to change if Scotland gets independence? Do you think Mr Salmond is going to reinforce Hadrians wall? or nuke the borders? or move the Caledonia below Berwick?

Scottish Indepence will mean simply that Holyrood is in charge of 3 important things - Taxation/Revenue, Foreign Policy, and Immigration. Everything else will remain the same for a very long time, being independent doesnt stop them from being British or European, they would remain in the present monetary union or move into the Euro, if Scotand becomes independent not much will change so drop the scaremongering.

Subsidy my foot, you take north sea oil revenue with one hand and give subsidy with the other? Robbing Peter to pay Paul even less than you robbed Peter in the first place! There are 3.5m (or there about) people in Ireland (Republic) and there are 5m people in Scotland, Scotland has far greater wealth than Ireland and you think the Scots need subsidies if they are in charge of their own finances?

Most of the people in Scotland do not feel part of any silly union anyway, Scottish people feel Scottish, they - like most humans - just are scared of changing the status quo (fear of the unknown propped up by Labour who need Scotland to win any general election), and opinion polls are set up to manipulate the results, there are opinion polls that prop up both sides of the argument depending on what you read, but the reality is that Scotland would make a fantastic independent country, look around Europe and you can see countries the size of Scotland or smaller - Norway, Sweden, Denmark, ROI, Switzerland, etc all are thriving, and so will Scotland.

So my friend, the main reason why you care so much about Scotland remaining in the Union is because you hate the Tories and know that you need Scotland in the kick the Tories out every few decades.

Viva Bonny Scotland!

Anonymous,  7:58 pm  

So Controversial Anonymous, do you live in Scotland? Or are you Scottish?

olu,  6:02 am  

Olu thinks controversial anon may be related to Sean Connery...

Controversial Anon,  10:31 am  

No I am not Scottish, I am Nigerian and I live in Lagos.

But I have a thing for being on the unpopular side of an argument, hence my handle. :-)

Anonymous,  4:13 pm  

@Controversial Anonymous, sir, thank you for your confirmation that your argument is unpopular, even among the Scots. I raised the matter of whether you live in Scotland, because you had challenged Jeremy earlier about having a view on Scottish independence, even though he doesn't live in Scotland!

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