Monday, July 14, 2008

China gobbles up Africa..

Interesting case study of China's relationship to Africa, in this case, DRC, here. Thanks Indar for the link.


anonymaus,  1:38 pm  

I remember you (Jeremy) saying that Nigeria has lost $6 billion to the Chinese over an agreement for China to construct (revamp) railway lines for Nigeria.

The Democratic Republic of Congo, roughly three times the land mass of Nigeria, doesn't have a good reputation for striking good deals either.

Let's just suppose that the infrastructure and roads, are developed by China. Will future Congolese governments have the will to maintain them? Will they have qualified staff to maintain them? Let us just hope that their standards of maintenance are better than Nigeria's.

One can't help but feel that the Chinese know how to deal with Africans in a way that is more than advantageous to them. How well was this deal thought through?

Do they (Congolese) plan add value to their raw materials?

Does Africa see a future for itself beyond the export of raw materials? Whether the partner be China, Europe , India or whoever, they are all characterised by being unequal trading relationships.

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