Sunday, July 20, 2008

Chaos on Bonny Island

Peter Beaumont on the intensification of the complex conflict in the Delta, here.


anonymaus,  9:33 am  

Things appear to be heading out of control. The government seems unable to do anything useful. Maybe they should hand over the running of the petroleum industry to someone else who can do the job, like Equatorial Guinea and Gabon and give up any pretence of any competence at managing a multi-billion dollar asset. The foreign body can then strike a deal with the people of the region, and pay a whatever is left to the government. All non-producing states, will have to depend more on their own internally generated revenue.

Amongst all this apparent chaos, the ship of Nigeria is drifting towards the rocks...

anonymaus,  3:20 am  

I was thinking about who would be good managers of the petroleum industry in Nigeria, who has

1) A good proven track record in oil exploration and exploitation
2) Who are perceived and neutral.
3) Have high integrity (
4) Manage the industry in a relatively environmentally friendly manner.
5) Manage the revenues from the hydrocarbon industry in a sensible and long term manner.

The answer is the NORWEGIANS, they are squeaky clean, and technically sound Scandinavians who qualify for all the above. What more could one want?

For the Nigerians to manage the country like the NORWEGIANS, now that would be really good!

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