Monday, July 14, 2008

Banksy's ID revealed

I guess it had to happen one day:


ababoypart2 3:57 pm  

Hopefully this is the real ID. There have been a few false the past

Kody 4:03 pm  

Newspapers can be such spoilsports! Guess if you want to remain anonymous you should never allow your picture to be taken - whatever the circumstance

Anonymous,  10:03 am  

At last

kemi,  10:44 am  

No rant about him being a public schoolboy?


You must have been choking on your cornflakes. All those millions, actually went to someone who was already wealthy and not some loveable oik who grew up on a gritty council estate and developed his art to challenge "the system".

Even the BBC is
in denial . Just read the tone of the article! Everything is "alleged", and "claimed".
ha! ha!

No surprise that he said himself
" besides, it's a pretty safe bet that the reality of me would be a crushing disappointment to a couple of 15-year-old kids out there."

yeah.. some kids and Jeremy Weate!

Sorry was too good not to come round here to poke fun at you. It's actually been a REALLY long time since I read your blog.

Jeremy 10:51 am  

Nice to have you back Kemi. Yes I am very very upset that Banksy isn't from St Paul's and a projects-oik. Don't know how I'm going to console myself...

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