Thursday, July 17, 2008

A nice way to start the morning...

Perhaps, like me, you are a little tired of receiving emails from people you know, whose weaker minds drive them to get excited about some 'inspirational' powerpoint, or who exhort you to complete a simple three question test that will reveal the inner sanctum of your being, finally. Your inbox doth clutter with the flotsam that floats in off the seas of irrationality.

In which case, save-as the image to the left and send it to these people. Revenge served up cold, if you like.

Click to enlarge and read...

Thanks Amma for a great start to the morning!


plastiQ,  9:40 am  

wonderful way to start a morning, ha! fairytales..u gotta love dem.

Wordsbody 9:56 am  

Reminds me of Lola Shoneyin's poem, "Jilted Jack" where Jill asks:

"So you really think
That I was born to fetch?"

Anonymous,  4:35 pm  

this is delightfully delicious. Yes, I love that Lola's poem. I hear that she is putting her a novel soon. Didn't realise she also write fiction. This is a fantastic way to start or end a day.i

Beneath my feet 6:09 pm  

Kiss That Frog!

The princess could have done an alternative to make things right with the frog but this is the way of the world, terribly intensely wicked world. Conversely, the griots and other storytellers from Africa do portray (through their stories) the truth about the world. Like I read in roots, little kunta was told a story by his grandma yaisa. It was a story about a crocodile that had been trapped in a net at the riverbank and found by a young boy.

“Help me!” the crocodile cried out
“You’ll kill me!” cried the boy
“No! come nearer!” said the crocodile.

The boy was instantly seized by the teeth in that long mouth as he went up to it.

“is this how you repay my goodness – with badness?” cried the boy.

“of course,” said the croc out of the corner of his mouth. “That is the way of the world.”

Eventually, the boy was rescued by a rabbit that was later chased, caught and killed by a dog brought by the men of the village who helped kill the croc.

Painful raising our children in this (what can I call it?)

Anonymous,  11:12 pm  


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