Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Abuja for the Commonwealth Games, 2014

Its Glasgow vs Abuja for 2014. Click here for more.


Patrice,  2:28 pm  

Events like this one tend to run woefully over budget. The initial Halifax budget of about 780 million CAD grew to nearly 1.7 billion CAD, which is why the city withdrew its bid, even at this late stage and with only a few contenders remaining. Good luck to Abuja.

ijebuman 3:29 pm  

We so don't need these games. I suggest they use the money to fund our hospitals so we don't have to suffer the embarrassment of seeing our VP run off to London to treat a torn knee cap.

Spook E 8:25 pm  

I hope you don't mind and I pray you respond but I have to ask, why are you in Nigeria?

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