Sunday, March 18, 2007

Yar'adua and Goodluck's website

Click here to check it out. They are inviting questions and comments. Together with this article, it appears there are strong grounds for hope in an acceleration of the reform process, should PDP win the elections..


Chude! 11:32 pm  

Are you talking tongue-in-cheek here? I'm not sure.

I have always been cynical about Yar'adua, but after an article by Funke Egbemode, I have begun to read up on his interviews; and then added to this his is not a choice that is so bad.

Sans the PDP's moral baggage and the bad odour that comes from Obasanjo's endorsement, there might be some good coming ...

adefunke 6:48 pm  

Talk is cheap, na today wey elected officials dey draw up programs and give deadlines? We all know they always get tripped up when it comes to implementation.

Anonymous,  1:42 pm  

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