Monday, March 26, 2007

Dariye video

Embattled and impeached (ex) governor of Plateau State makes a Bin-Laden style video on the run. Instead of paying US47,000 to get it broadcast, he could have just uploaded it onto YouTube and reached a far wider audience. Disgraced public servants really need to get with the times..


wienna,  11:44 pm only for naija. Meeen dat country get real problem o. Only baba God go save us all.

ababoypart2 7:05 am  

Nigeria never ceases to amaze me! Unreal!

Oro 8:00 am  

What can i say... Nigeria go survive... someday!!!

Hey Doc, It's been a while. You still around in UK?
Just thot i'd hola.
It's Wale...

Yosh 10:14 am  


Chxta 7:28 pm  

Now, I officially hate the geezer. He could have given me half that bar, and the whole freaking planet would have seen the video. Talk about a PR disaster.

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