Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Yar'adua's health

It is announced on the radio in the morning that Presidential hopeful Yar'adua has flown to Germany for a health check-up. Almost immediately, a mobile-phone-tree rumour kicks up that he has gone to die, or that he is dying. It seems more likely that it was in fact a routine check up on his ailing kidneys, and that the rumour was created by his opponents within the PDP. Apparently,most of the PDP governors are not supporting the Yar-adua campaign and pushing for alternatives. All the while, the spectre of IBB casts a shadow over proceedings. He is reported to be there celebrating OBJ's 70th today, the sub-plot being that he is back in favour. Yar'adua will have to play a careful game from now on if he is to stay on course within the PDP, as it enters a potentially fratricidal final phase before the elections.

Can't find anything on the public wire-services. The only online news covering the story just now seems to be here.

14:22 local time. Just noticed African Shirts reporting that he has heard from 'very good sources' that Yar'adua is dead!

14:31. The rumours that he is dead crash in from all sides at all levels from text after text, without anything appearing on the news! It is not looking likely now that he is NOT dead.


Chxta 3:22 pm  

Naija remains the world's biggest rumor mill. Pity that a lot of people act on this kind of thing. U just called to break the news...

I remember that the SAP riots of 1988 were caused by an unverified story...

LM,  4:13 pm  

Heard about his death today. I don't think it is an issue to make up.... so I suppose in the next day or two, we will get confirmation, since he will need to be speedily buried according to Muslem rites.

snazzy 4:23 pm  

bbc just talked with Yar'Adua apparently, and so we are going to assume he is alive.

Businessday just got a lot of egg on their face. After the IBTC thing, that is not good.

Yar'adua Goodluck 'Talk to Us' Forum Site Admin 7:05 pm  

Hi Jeremy

I thought you might like to know that Governors Umar Yar'adua and Goodluck Jonathan recently decided they wanted to engage with ordinary Nigerians and hear their opinions directly. So they launched the Yar'adua Goodluck 'Talk to Us' web site.

Yar'adua Goodluck 'Talk to Us' Forum is an online community with access to PDP Presidential Aspirant - Governor Umaru Yar'adua and his running mate - Governor Goodluck Jonathan that allows for open discussions of issues relevant to the development of Nigeria.

It is a useful way to find out about the Issues that are important to the candidates. And, because it allows members voice their opinions on how the issues can be resolved, it lets you see how Nigerians like you feel about these issues too. So I think it will be of interest to your readers.

You can also see the latest news surrounding the Aspirants and view latest their photos and videos.

Anonymous,  4:27 pm  

My president is strong:

I know that rumors are mostly created by opunents and spread by fools, opunents are the number one enemies, one may have, I also see them as physical devils in one's carrer.
PRAYER: His exellency Umaru Musa Yaradua, you are set at a very high place that your enemise will never reach you, you are blessed by God and must be honoured by man. I release the hand of God Upon you and declear: you are strong because (he that kepth Isarelith never sleep nor slumber) for that reason, the God that made you president of Nigeria will give you long life. your enemise shall turne back to you for you help. Infemity shall come and go but it shall not hurt you. No wipone fashioned against you shall prosper, you are lifted, the hand of God is upon you, the cleansing of the holy gost shall take place in your boby. I pray that the spirit of the leaving God will manifest it's self in you, I don't care how many places you'v been, this is a spacial prayer for you. It must surely come to pass only if you beleive

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