Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lagos Big Girls and Boys at play..

Here. Looks like someone from City People has set up a blog.


obinwanne 11:34 am  

naija red-carpet............. serious thing... nice post thought... pass by my place and see my posts

Michele,  2:35 pm  

Wow, forgotten how much Nigerians like to party!! Great pics, but amazing how very few people wear national dress or Nigerian fashion which is a shame. What's with all the weaves, straight hair and green contact lenses?? ARe our people trying to be completely British or American? The Nigerian Fashion Shoot shows how beautiful and creative the outfits can be, why not show them off and support local designers instead of lining the pockets of Armani, Gucci, prada, blah, blah, boring all the same stuff?

Fred 3:35 pm  

Does this guy know it's 2007, not 1977?

Confessions of a moody crab,  6:03 pm always crack me up with ur comments. LMAO!!!

RJ 9:12 pm  

I might be wrong but I thought most of the outfits I saw in the pictures were made with Afircan fabrics. What is it you want them to wear excatly, atilogu outfits or some dashikis?
Green contact lenses?....I muct have missed that picture

Toks- Boy 10:19 pm  

I am just amazed at the quality of the shots. There is no way those were taken by a city people photog. Also pleased to see all the shindigs going on. Lots to keep Iyawo occupied when she arrives.

Anonymous,  11:30 pm  

Fred dear, all fashion is recycled from some period or the other.

Remember flares, platform shoes, corsets etc LOL

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