Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Ok so maybe he is not dead...

I give in. Who knows? Without an efficient news management information system and an effective media, everyone can get drawn into the rumour mill.


MsMak,  3:41 pm  

Well apparently he is dead, according to Now there's speculation that IBB may be tipped to take over.

We have a culture of conspiracy theories and yet, there is often no smoke without fire. The questions now are, did he die a natural death(i.e. as a result of the stress of political campaigning in Naija and its effect on his health/kidney situation) or was he killed (poisoned possibly)? Was this the plan all along? Is this another play for the "third term"? And finally, could the invisible hand of the 'Maradona' be behind it all?

Naija sha. Never a dull moment in politics!

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