Friday, March 09, 2007

That bill again

An editorial from the New York Times, yesterday:

Denying Rights in Nigeria

A poisonous piece of legislation is quickly making its way through the Nigerian National Assembly. Billed as an anti-gay-marriage act, it is a far-reaching assault on basic rights of association, assembly and expression. Chillingly, the legislation - proposed last year by the administration of President Olusegun Obasanjo - has the full and enthusiastic support of the leader of Nigeria's powerful Anglican church. Unless the international community speaks out quickly and forcefully against the bill, it is almost certain to become law.

Homosexual acts between consenting adults are already illegal in Nigeria under a penal code that dates to the colonial period. This new legislation would impose five-year sentences on same-sex couples who have wedding ceremonies - as well as on those who perform such services and on all who attend. The bill's vague and dangerous prohibition on any public or private show of a "same sex amorous relationship" - which could be construed to cover having dinner with someone of the same sex - would open any known or suspected gay man or lesbian to the threat of arrest at almost any time.

The bill also criminalizes all political organizing on behalf of gay rights. And in a country with a dauntingly high rate of H.I.V. and AIDS, the ban on holding any meetings related to gay rights could make it impossible for medical workers to counsel homosexuals on safe sex practices.

Efforts to pass the bill last year stalled in part because of strong condemnation from the United States and the European Union. Now its backers are again trying to rush it through, and Washington and Brussels need to speak out against it. Nigeria is Africa's most populous country and one of the most politically influential. If it passes a law that says human rights are not for every citizen, it will set a treacherous example for the region and the world.

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babatunde 1:17 pm  

[Sark] don’t you know that gays aren't human [/Sark]

It's IMO one of the must unfortunate aspects of human nature that we seek to deny those who we view as different, basic human dignities.
The irony of the situation is compounded of course by the fact that a number of these politicians and the so called religious leaders are Bisexual/homosexual themselves

ijebuman 2:41 pm  

It seems the law will pass, who knows may be it's another way to get at a particular politician (don't know if the rumours are true but i'm not mentioning names)

The whole debate has been hijacked by "Religion", Obj himself has said "it's clearly un-Biblical, unnatural and definitely un-African," (strange no one has said the same about corruption which is far more destructive in our society)

'Unnatural' - by who's definition, God? is Oral or anal sex natural? what about animals that engage in homosexual behaviour? what about people born as hermaphrodites? who determines what is natural or unnatural?
'Un-african' - thats just a huge joke, homosexuality has existed in many African cultures, the Yorubas even have a name for it.
'un-Biblical' - Last time i checked religion was a personal thing, so how can you impose your religious views on others. Is the bible now the constitution of Nigeria?

Just like the implementation of sharia some years ago in the north, we're letting "religion" guide our thinking. Anyone supporting this bill should remember the words of Martin Niemöller, the day will come when your rights will also be trampled on..

Anonymous,  2:50 pm  

What do we expect from a govt. that has failed to deliver reliable power, healthcare, and roads?

And now they expect us to believe homosexuality is our ennemy instead of their own corruption.
This law should be shot down.

Pirahna 3:08 pm  

The president should be called on to uphold the international human rights laws that Nigeria is signatory too.

Human Rights are for all irrespective of sexuality. We can not pick and choose which ones to uphold

BK,  3:22 pm  

I am so incensed...but couldn't articulate this any better than Ijebuman...

LM,  3:37 pm  

I am sorry but I am definitely FOR the legislation.

As a Christian my beliefs are based on the Bible, which is infallible. The homosexual act is wrong and unnatural and I am for the Nigerian Government imposing stiff sanctions and for making it illegal for same-sex marriages to occur. What I don't agree with however, is human rights being denied. Neither do I believe in the promotion of violence and hatred towards homosexuals. God does not teach us to hate, so maybe the legislation could be revised. However, it is MY opinion (since I am entitled to my point of view) that same-sex unions should be discouraged as much as possible, and if there is a political will of doing so, (irrespective of whatever ulterior motives there may be from the politicians), I am for it and will vote for it in the future, if need be.

It is exactly because of this issue that the Anglican church is coming under attack by its African segment in recent times.....

So shoot me.

Anonymous,  3:48 pm  

what are the nigerian activists doing? Or is this not part of gender activism?

If this law goes through, which I am afraid, will go through, we are finished as a people. In the absence of a vibrant feminist community there is no oppositional voice to challenge this publically. The media are totally silent on the issue. It would be interesting to see if any of the Nigerian women's magazines take this up as a campaign issue. But I won't hold my breath.

Is there no way of getting some kind of signature stuff going? This kind of stuff affirms to me why I could never ever ever leave in that country again. Nigerian seems to be regressing.

Anonymous,  3:58 pm  

@ matter yor personal beliefs.I'm also a Christian...It is wrong and unfair to impose what you feel on others.Christianity teaches love and not judgement and hate. People use religion as an excuse to propagate hateful agendas. This is so sad

Jeremy 4:07 pm  

LM, let's just start with the first sentence of your comment: "As a Christian my beliefs are based on the Bible, which is infallible."

Now, my online dictionary defines infallible as "incapable of making mistakes or being wrong". Would you extend this to, say, all the injunctions of Deuteronomy? For eg, that sons who disobey their parents should be executed, that genocide is ok (if its genocide against the Amalekites) etc etc.

Are these judgements also infallible? Was Abraham's belief that God asked him to sacrifice his son an infallible belief? Or might it not have been temporary schizophrenia?

Would you say that all sentences in the Bible are similarly 'infallible'? If yes, on what basis? If no, on what basis are you being selective?

More generally, once one is aware of the historical nature of the Bible (how it was put together in the centuries after the hypothetical death of its alleged founder, which books were authorised, which were banned and expelled to the Apocrypha), the more difficult it is to treat it as anything other than a human, all-too-human compendium.

And even if we were to suspend disbelief and treat the Bible as the 'Word of God' or similar, we would still face the difficulty of translation. The historical-cultural period in which the text is based differs massively from our own. How are we to avoid translating (and thereby mis-translating) the text into the terms of the present?

Rather than taking the evangelical view that the Bible is an infallible document, it seems eminently more sensible to me to treat it like any other archaic spiritual text, the Koran, the Bhagavad Gita, the Buddhist sutras etc. - something from which we can learn universal spiritual truths, in our efforts to make the texts make sense in our own time. But also, to treat these texts with a critical distance. Only the unsuspecting and the naive can treat any spiritual source as 'infallible'. That way fascism lies.

As another commentor has said already - just who are you to impose your values on someone else? What gives you the right?

Pirahna 4:14 pm  

Im – your statement is contradictory. I am sure you will agree that we should separate religion and the state. People of different faiths have different believes and subscribe to different religious books. The debate on the bible’s infallibility is not even an issue I will go into with you, because I fail to see how it progresses this debate. So one faith or some faiths should not impose their views/biases on others. I am sure as a Christian you would be outraged if a law was passed to prevent/hinder you practising your faith. In so much as you are for human rights – are you really? You are still seeking to deny others their rights, whichever way you may wish to cloak it.

I fail to see how homosexuality affects Christianity or any other religious practices. If you have strong faith, nothing will rock it. Or are you questioning you faith?

It is the unfounded fear; ignorance and hysteria surrounding homosexuality debates that astound me. Homosexuality is not contagious. It is not a lifestyle choice – No one chooses a life style that involves persecuted.

I would like to say more to you….. but what is the point. Human Rights are for All. Especially to protect the rights of the minority

2plus2,  5:16 pm  

Jeremy, we have been campaigning about this for some time. Our Bigerian CSOs/ NGOs/ etc do not want to be seen in public or private propagating the rights of same sex relationships. So, the Bill will pass because people are more convinced it is un-natural un biblical than otherwise. We all need to do something fast, but I do not know what. I am very distressed because one day it will be one of us or someone we know that has been thrown in jail for speaking to another person for too long or otherwise.

Dami 5:46 pm  

"Unless the international community speaks out quickly and forcefully against the bill,"

so the international community want to speak out huh?

Fred 6:15 pm  


As another commentor[sic] has said already - just who are you to impose your values on someone else? What gives you the right?

Be careful with that one, it's also used to justify any number of malfeasance.

There are a great number of "values" being imposed on you at any moment by people you don't know or like: you can't drive without a license, you can't even marry without a license, you can't marry a goat and have that relationship be granted state recognition, you can't kill anyone you want without repercussion, in Western countries, you can't marry 10 wives. And the list goes on.

One of the "double sword" tenets of Democracy is the power of the majority: if enough people decide to say, outlaw Blondes, guess what? At best, the only thing you can do is what you're doing: attempt to persuade. Unfortunately, this will pass in Nigeria because it is Nigeria. You don't like it? Move to Vermont. If they'll let you in.

Lolita 7:48 pm  

Homosexuality is not contagious. It is not a lifestyle choice – No one chooses a life style that involves persecuted

Piranha are you kidding me or what? Pedophiles, Armed robbers and the like, would you say that lifestyle does not involve persecution and yet they choose to live that way! Give me a break!

And, before you start ranting about the comparison, I am only drawing your attention to other lifestyles that people choose that are against the norm.

I believe homosexuality is contagious, I also believe that it is a choice, it is also a learned behaviour and I agree that the law should be passed.

I have absolutely nothing against homosexuals as people but I disagree with homosexuality the lifestyle! The practice needs those restrictions for the sake of the future.

Unless there is a mutation that now causes humans to be asexual, this is definitely cause for concern.

Pirahna 7:48 pm  

Fred, Fred, leave me so deflated!!!

Human Rights are universal.
The consensus was reached by almost all countries ie others were represented - so some form of democracy was evoked. Nigeria is a signatory to this.

The other 'values' being imposed are territorial or vary and can easily be changed or ammended by state legislation. You will not go to jail for not being able to drive.
As for marrying 10 wives - you wish, but you will not go to jail for having 10 mistressess.

If everyone buggered off - how many more bullies would we have. Bush is enough!

Pirahna 10:56 pm  

Homosexuality is contagious? So have you contracted it? If so let us know how you got cured. Am sure you have come across a lot of homosexuals in your study and work life.

To compare paedophiles and armed robbers to homosexuals is tragic.

When did two consenting adults harm each other?
Why is it that when the discussion is about homosexuality, it turns to sex, sex and sex? Is that the sum total of a homosexual’s life? Don’t they pay taxes and contribute to the economy like everyone else?
When you see a heterosexual couple, is all you think about the sex they are having?

Paedophiles harm children, they are scam, children are defenceless and innocent and are not willing or consenting partners to this perverse act. Paedophiles even known to kill children.
Armed robbers - are you kidding? I rather live with or next door to a homosexuality than an armed robber. You should try getting into the way of armed robber and lets see if you live to tell the tale. Tell also how much homosexuals have caused you harm.

There was an interesting discussion about homosexuality on a blog last year. You can check it out

Little something about Gays


Jeremy I am soooooooo tired…………

kemi,  11:10 am  

Lolita said...
Piranha are you kidding me or what? Pedophiles, Armed robbers and the like, would you say that lifestyle does not involve persecution and yet they choose to live that way! Give me a break!

A stupid and ridiculous comparison.
Paedophiles force under-children into sex. Armed robbers force their victims to hand over their property.
Both of these often involve the death of a victim.

How can any rational thinking adult compare this with consensual sex between two adults?

Paedophilia and Armed Robber are not lifestyles, they are CRIMES.

Consensual homosexual sex cannot be a crime as there is no victim.

Jesus H. Christ,  11:24 pm  

I'm a Christian I believe in the bible the word of God is infallible blah blah blah....

Have they been distributing free lobotomies with the Nigerian passport?

Lolita 4:28 am  

Piranha and Kemi, I expected a thoughtless rant that was exactly why I made sure I threw in the pre-emptive caveat. Hmm, serves me right for being elementary!

Again, It was not so much a comparison, more so than to bring to Piranha's attention the fact that very many individuals on a daily basis perform acts and live lives that are not widely accepted all the while damning the consequences.

Encore une foie, as I said before, people choose to be homosexual, and, yes, homosexuality is contagious. Do the research; you will see the growth in numbers since society became more open to it.

Also, homosexuality IS all about sex, that is after all, the definition, isn't it: a sexual attraction to person's of one's own sex!

Before we get our panties in a bunch, I never said homosexuality was a crime or that homosexuals are criminals but that the more the lifestyle gets touted, accepted and embraced then the more people are going to want to try it because they are free to; then what happens to the human race when homosexuality becomes the majority? How do we procreate? What, through sperm banks and artificial insemination?

It is okay to fight for human rights but sometimes before you pick up your swords, marinate on the long term effects?

Granted the bill sounds a little out there but I do believe that there should be some type of constraint on same sex marriage/union.

Full stop!

Pirahna 6:04 pm  


When I decide to clarify you HYSTERIC OUTBURST, you call it a rant! How rich!!!

You can choose to continue burying your pretty head in the sand……

I do not want to turn this serious issue about People’s lives and rights into juvenile squabble with you.

It’s a shame that when different groups fight for their rights to existence and acknowledgment, you choose to call this contagious as more and more of the once faceless people and silent people choose to come out.

Just because more homosexuals are choosing to come out of the closet does not mean they are contagious – they are standing up for their human rights and will not accept bullying anymore from the likes of you. Homosexuality has existed in Africa and Nigeria in particular for years.

Disabled children/people used to be drowned or strangled at birth and in most instances those who survived death, were kept in institutions or were kept tied up at the back of homesteads like animals. So fast forward today - Disabled People are fighting for their rights to existence and more of them are visible. Does that mean the increase in the number of visible Disabled People is due to their mutation?

Do you know how long people with mental health have been fighting for their right not to be institutionalised for life or how homosexuals used to be electrocuted to rid homosexuality out of them?

Are you even aware that there are many, many women who are still fighting for basic rights like no forced marriages, rape etc, so if they come out and wanted to be counted, then they are multiplying? Wake up women! Get off you tilting high horse

Don’t make judgements about people whose shoes you have not walked in.

You obviously think all Men were put on this earth to fertilise the female species. You could not be more wrong.

Am sure you would be happily be married to a closet homosexual with your 2.4 children and white garden fence and put up this whole ‘happy front’….but guess what?, who would be fooling who?

Someone with your kind of thinking exterminated a lot of people. His name was HITLER. As you are aware he killed Jews, Gypsies, Blacks, the mental and physically disabled etc

The difference between You and Him is that I would like to believe that you know better – clearly NOT.

PS – Do you have sex with everyone who is sexually attracted to you? Clearly that’s what you think homosexuals do

For your information – homosexuals exist in all spheres of the economy, they maybe your doctor, dentist, gynaecologist, lecture etc…. they do not have tattoos on their foreheads

What about animals that practice homosexuality – what are you going to do about this? Legislate?

I do not want to hog Jeremy’s blog – but you could read something on the history of homosexuality in Africa. Well to burst your balloon, homosexuality has existed for hundreds of years, but hey continue wading in your ignorance if you think it is a new phenomenon.

I had to skim through your blog to try and understand your shallow views and boy was I on spot

You need to reread your own blog

Thursday, 21st September 2006 – titled ‘Why should words spoken cause a person to take another’s life’

Wednesday, 1st November 2006 – titled – ‘I apologise’

PPPSSS - Stick you full stop……..

History of homosexuality in Africa

AbujaBabe 10:37 pm  

Why do people always compare Homosexual people to Paedophiles,just because they are gay you cannot sugest they lure children to sleep with them BECAUSE THEY ARE GAY???? thats just outrageous!!

That is like sooooo Bizare Homosexuals Are Human too and need to be protected, it seems like from alot of narrow minded and misinformed humans that think they can persecute people beacuse of their sexuality!!!





Patrice,  11:06 pm  

I came across this link on another blog. The article makes a mockery of the argument alluded to in the comment by lolita that unions and marriage are meant for procreation.

Bisi D,  11:13 pm  

You are a dunce and an incoherent one at that.

You are clearly one of those Naija girls throwing herself at every half-decent specimen of manhood in desperation to get married. Your problem is that you believe homosexuals are reducing the available pool of men for desperates like yourself and it is because of them that you have not yet found a husband.

You are exactly the same as those women who think inter-racial dating is immoral because "white women are stealing all our men".


Move on. Try online dating or whatever, gay-bashing is not going to provide you with a husband.

To be honest, I am not surprised. Your use of the moniker "Lolita" as well as your comments clearly indicate you are obsessed with Sex.

e.g Also, homosexuality IS all about sex, that is after all, the definition, isn't it: a sexual attraction to person's of one's own sex!
People get married for reasons other than sex. It might be hard for you to understand, but they do.

You mention sex so much on your blog anybody who's taken Psychology 101 will know what your issue is. Announcing to the whole world how you are aspiring for love.

Anyway, on the off chance that you actually have two brain cells to rub together, read the point again.

The bill is criminalizing homosexuality and it should not be a crime, certainly not along with the ludicrous examples of armed robbery and paedophilia you gave.

and while we're on the subject, you clearly feel that paedophilia is a bad thing and yet you call yourself Lolita. HAVEN'T YOU READ THE BOOK? Or you just saw a t-shirt with "Lolita" on it and you thought it was a nice name?

Is it so that boys/old men/aristos will see you as sexualised pre-pubescent "fresh meat"?
Or what exactly?

Go read the book, dumbass.

It is about a 40 year old paedophiles justification of his relationship with his 12 year old step daughter, Lolita.

Do the research; you will see the growth in numbers since society became more open to it.
Your illogical reasoning is astounding. Have you considered that there has not been a "growth in numbers" but actually a growth in people willing to admit to being gay?

Who are you to say whether homosexuality is a choice or not? Since you are not gay it is not your place to comment. Those who are gay say they always have been and why should we doubt them because "lolita" said so?

As a woman you are a disgrace to an entire gender.
You should be asking why in Nigeria
-The penalty for indecently assaulting a woman in Nigeria is a mere 2 years irrespective of the circumstances.
- However indecently assaulting a man is a graver punishment of 3 years, but
- Two consenting men who decide to have sex in the privacy of their bedrooms will get 5 years.

These are the bad laws that lawyers like myself are fighting to fix.


This just goes to show the priority of our so-called leaders and the idiots who go about approving of the rubbish that they are doing.

Why don't you go and think about why we have such bad laws instead of wondering where your next bit of sperm is going to come from?

Jesus H. Christ,  6:01 am  

All jokes aside, I would bet good money that Lolita is a closeted lesbian.

I'm not just saying this because I disagree with her opinion. Seriously. I have good reasons. I bet she fantasizes about women ALL THE TIME.

LM,  12:50 pm  

I expected the criticisms and welcome them. Whatever anyone's opinion is, my opinion is mine. My beliefs are also based in what St Paul stated about homosexuality and I believe the New Testament in particular is inspired by the Holy Spirit and is thus INFALLIBLE.

Yes, everyone has sinned and yes one should not judge others and blah, blah, blah. How should that be a criterion for addressing ills in the society? So if one commits murder (not talking about in self-defence but simply cold-blooded murder for the heck of it), we should all fold our arms and say "judge not" and pat the person on the back saying "we won't judge you, we are certain you are sorry for it" and release the criminal to take more lives etc.? Don't get me started on the judgement angle. Sin is sin. I too have sinned and fallen short of God's glory but I won't make excuses. I will confess my sins, repent and seek God's mercy. The same goes for other crimes.

I think it is convenient for some people to declare that church and state be kept separate, when the issue of homosexuality comes to the fore. They forget that some of what is even morally-acceptable behaviour are rooted in Christianity - thou shall not kill, steal, bear false witness against your neighbour etc. If one completely divorces Christianity from affairs of the state, which are meant to govern morally-acceptable behaviours in its citizens, then the society will become amoral and each will do as he likes. There should be boundaries, and Christianity helps to set things straight. Then there's the added fact that we will all stand in judgement before God one day for things we have or have not done. By God's grace, I hope I make it to heaven :)

I won't even bother to address each comment made in reaction to my stance but I will stress however that I do not support homophobic crimes. Homosexuals should not be denied their rights but regarding that peiece of legislation, a million times NO!!!

P.s I have read some comments and I wonder why some have used this medium to heap insults on other people? Surely as adults (I can only hope), healthy exchange of opinions can thrive????

Lolita 2:54 pm  

Piranha and towing-the-same-line-drones, I was fully inclined to ignore your latest incoherent dribble but I take strong offence to being likened to HITLER!!!

It's funny because a lot of your own dissertations just mirrored and proved exactly what I have been saying.

It is also funny how some people think that routing for the underdog makes them seem more compassionate and humane!
Ha! Foolery, I tell you, foolery!!

I know you are enjoying this volley of opinions, we are Nigerians, after all, we love to bark but this is the last I have to say on this topic on this blog!

Understand this, I care about Human beings and Human life, I care most especially about our future existence. Just because I do not agree with the homosexual lifestyle does not mean I HATE homosexuals, I cannot stress that enough!!!! So most of the utter rubbish that a few of you have hurled at me could have been saved!

There will always be a never-ending supply of causes to fight for, so in the future Piranha when you decide to fight for your right to have sex with and marry Kemi D - Your Adult female goat, as per consenting adults there will be just as many dodo heads ready to fight for your rights.

Oh, by the way, thanks for stopping by my blog, Tchuse!

Anonymous,  3:12 pm  

Im says he/she is a christian(well so am i), that the bible is infallible and also that homosexuality is unatural, do you know for a fact that homosexuality has been in existence since forever and even in Africa as well?
saying that you'll support the bill by voting even if the people fighting for it to be passed have ulterior motives means you are insensitive just like the rest of the world was when the jews were being persecuted and gased by Hitler. you can't preach human rights and then condemn gay people in the same breath.Or would you rather go back to the Abacha days when nobody had any rights?

Anonymous,  3:42 pm  

Im, incase you have not noticed, Nigeria is a multi ethnic, multi-religious State.It is also a developing country with a colourful varity of people, do not impose your religious views on others beacause you wouldnt appreciate it your self.
As for lolita, you should get your facts straight before you go off shooting your mouth, it would really amaze you who is gay in the Nigerian society, it would amaze you,because peole you had always respected and looked up to you would now look upon with digust stemming from your bias and judgemental piont of view.

Wake UP,  3:43 pm  

You have clearly stated your stance. You would ram your new testaments views down our throats and that is our lot.

So the Muslims and other religions and those like Myself who worship our gods at the bottom of ant hills have no morals or values or further still we do not know or have the ability to judge what is right or wrong, unfair or just?

You are telling me that my forefathers and yes Yours who did not know christianity were immoral and had no values.

You need to EMANCIPATE yourself from Christianity Slavery!

PS - I know FOR SURE that on JUDGEMENT DAY, people like you will definately receive the wrath of God. Yes I will be there standing by him at the Pearly Gates and when you appear, he will land one KILLER BLOW to your jaw and smash it. You know why? For using your mouth to misrepresent his word and views.

Good Day

LM,  4:36 pm  

Oops! I meant to state in my last sentence "....a million times YES!!!"

bisi d,  9:03 pm  

Just because I do not agree with the homosexual lifestyle does not mean I HATE homosexuals,

You don't hate them but you want them to stay in a Nigerian prison for 5 years because you disagree with their lifestyle. After all, you did say
I believe homosexuality is contagious, I also believe that it is a choice, it is also a learned behaviour and I agree that the law should be passed.

Lolita, i repeat you are a DUNCE

This is what happens when people do not study classical subjects at university but rush through some "bus admin" or "estate management" course.

No critical thinking skills whatsoever. Once again,
YOU ARE A DUNCE and your blog dey dry. That is why you are not getting hits. I see you had no reply when I pointed out your hypocrisy by using the name Lolita. YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO ALL WOMEN.

Deaconess Mofe Naira 10:34 pm  

you are a true man of the Lord, SAY AMEN!
A place in heaven has been reserved for you.

I have warned you against the preaching of this unholiness. Do not forget what Pastor Ayodeji taught you
The African man loves the African woman, and there is no other way around it. Whenever a man does sleep with another man in our beloved country (as I hear they do in the prisons and in Boarding Schools), it is the Devil that has entered his loins. We must join together and pray for deliverance, that his loins may be cleansed and not emptied into the nether regions of his poor victim. Satan be gone from our rich and fertile soil! In Jesus name.
For those of you who require spiritual guidance, do not forget to visit our blog
The Church of Greener Pastures - The Grass is always greener on our side

Deaconess Mofe Naira 10:59 pm  

My dear sister Lolita. This so called naijablog is written by a well known sinner. We who know the TRUTH know that the homosexual lifestyle is a satanic lifestyle. I also note from your comments and that of others that you are looking for a husband. Just to let you know that we at the church of greener pastures specialise in the finding of husbands for busy career orientated women like yourself. A woman's place is in the home and we will find a home for you! Kindly send us your details and a small donation and we will find you a husband before your clock stops ticking.

debasco,  12:44 am  

What saddens me apart from the usual rant the "christian elite" who seem to have the moral right to exisit above all others, is the resignation from nearly everyone that this bill will pass to law. Who is challenging this? The Deconesses and Pastor Dr of Naija today will force this through if we do not stop this ridiculous bill. We cannot wait for international help, remember what happended in Rwanda? we have to help ourselves...

Anonymous,  7:10 am  

debasco you are right we have to stop it. But what can we do? do you have any suggestions as to the way forward? Lets have your views. We have to stop this bill, but how? so many of us feels so powerless to do anything about it.

Anonymous,  8:26 am  

i'd like to suggest a way of trying to stop this bill, we must all make a huge fuss about it, we should text, email, blog, talk about it to all who will listen , lets but it out there, lets all start signing on a paper and pass it round, via email , txt, anything you can think of, the more peole we have who do not support the bill the better. it's jus an idea.

uknaija 1:24 pm  

lm - Did the New Testament also not say that the women should keep silent in church- why then the rash of female pastors and deaconesses in Nigeria? Ah, did I just hear you say the words "interpretation" and "context"?

I see

Patrice,  2:13 pm  

Another effective means of expressing opposition to this bill is through an online public petition. One can be made for free at PetitionOnline. I have seen some very high profile petitions on this site that have attracted the attention of the national and even the international media.

debasco,  3:25 pm  

my suggestions as to how to fight this bill? I think a more pertinant question is whether citizens of Nigeria in Nigeria and in the diaspora will stand up and resist this bill? Are we as a nation strong enough to resist this? Can we move the debate away from "gay rights" and more to "human right" As someone above said, friends of ours, gay or not could be find themselves on the wrong side of the law for talking to someone of the same gender too long?!

It's gonna take time for the likes of lolita to understand that just because I'm gay does not make me a criminal nor a threat. It's about my rights as a human, and your rights as a human. Our sexualities, religions, shoe sizes should not even enter the equation.

When we can have this open discussion is when more people - deconesses included- will resist any attempt by the govt to infringe on the rights of any group.

I'm afarid I don't have any answers, some suggestions have been made - including the online petition - look what happened when Tony Blair tried to quietly consult the public about changing the road taxing law, 1m+ signatures later he got kicked back. We must also kick these bills back and demand better from our leaders.

Anonymous,  4:01 pm  

lets do this online petition stuff. If we invite everyone on our mailing list to sign it and i am sure it will show those bigots that there decision is not representative. Can't a Nigerian start this whole process? I don't think Jeremy should be the one to start this.


No matter how we feel about someone's lifestyle or opinion, we must remember to respect them. You might not like what they do or say, but it is always the moral, ethical and proper thing to stand up for those who are attacked unjustly.

I can honestly admit that I am against same sex marriage, just haven't wrapped my head around it. As to who you sleep with in the privacy of your room, that one no concern me.

We must not continue to equate pedophilia with homosexuality. They are 2 distinct things. Most pedophiles are actually heterosexual. If pedophilia is our concern as a nation (as well it should be, if you don't believe me check out a few very good Nija related blogs), we should enact laws to protect children from pedophiles, regardless of their sexual orientation. While we are at it we can enact and enforce laws that are protective rather than exclusionary.

At the end of the day, we are all sinners. We also cannot judge others because humans, no matter how smart or self-assured we are, are imperfect. That being the case, the best thing we can do is protect the rights of ALL OF US. Not, allow religion, politics, economics, greed to cloud our judgment and create second class citizens that will persecuted with the force of the law. Who will determine who is gay under this bill? Will you be accused of homosexuality? If you are a homosexual is it fair? If you are a heterosexual, is it fair?

It just doesn't make sense. But as someone already noted, Nigeria is a country (like many others) where those in power try to distract us from the turth. The truth is that people are dying, children cannot go to school, places in Benue state have not had electricity since 1973, civil servants do not get paid while our 'leaders' fly abroad for medical care with Presidential jets. We have allowed ourselves to become irrelevant. that is why Nigeria is spending time and money trying to pick on homosexuals who have done nothing to create our problems. Abi na homosexual wey chop our money? Or na homosexual wey cut your light?

Distraction as a weapon. Works wonders indeed. I am afraid this bill will pass. All that can be done is to educate ourselves - no matter how you feel about homosexuality. Maybe someday, we will learn to not use division tactics to cause pain to one another but find ways to live together.

Anonymous,  11:29 pm  

@Bisi d - Suppose you were invited to a tv panel to discuss this issue, will these (preceeding rants) be your approach? You 'let it slip' that you are a lawyer but your comments smacks of 'area girl'. Even if you are gaythis is no way to debate. You only succeeded in suggesting that YOU have some psycho issues, in which case i'd say get some help.
I'm sure Jeremy doesn't intend this debate to turn into such a horrible catfight.


Anonymous,  11:10 am

Please see this link that show an Iranian girls had be harmed by Iranian police because here topcoat were not like some model who Islamic Government had determined by Quran!

Many Iranian People do not like Islam but government Kill and harm them.

قال زهرا بنت رسول الله از جهنم:

خداوند فرمود بواسته دروغی که برخدا بسته ام و خود را بانوی برگزیده خدا درجهان نام نهادم و چادر بسر کردن را بر زنان جهان اجباری کردم و چون به خاطر گناه زهرا بنت رسول و پدرش و خاندانش بر زنان ایران ستم می شود و دختران را کتک می زنند.

خداوند امر کرده زهرای بنت رسول درجهنم کسش باز شده و اهل جهنم و بهشت بر کس او می رینند و زهدان حضرت زهرا پر از گوه شده .
و مکرو و مکرالله

حزب مبارزه با ستم اسلامگرایان (فاکرین حزب الله ) اعلام کرد چون ریشه همه بدبختی های ملت ایران و جهان اسلام است به ازای هر ظلم به هر ایرانی میلیون ها کیر خر و کیر خوک و ...کامنتی به کس و کون آل محمد رسول الله روانه خواهد کرد.

کیر و سنده خوک تو کس حضرت زهرا بنت رسول الله

به حزب ما بپیوندید و کامنت دونی ها را پر از آنچه شایسته آل محمد است کنید.

کسانی که به زبان های خارجه مسلط هستند کامنت دونی های وبلاگ های خارجی را مستفیض فرمایند.

هرکس روزانه در 10 وبلاگ انگلیسی زبان یا عرب زبان آنچه شایسته محمد رسول الله است را بنویسد تا خارجی ها متوجه علاقه ایرانیان به اسلام شوند. اگر فقط 1000 نفر هم از حزب ما استقبال کنند بزودی اکثر سایت های دارای رنکینگ اینترنت پر از ابراز نفرت ایرانیان نسبت به اسلام خواهد شد.

برای خلیج فارس بمب گوگلی درست کردید که چرا دریای فارس را عرب کرده اند فرهنگ عرب حاصل تفکر محمد رسول الله پست تر از شیطان و حیوان را به فرهنگ درخشان 2500 ساله ایرانی برگزیده اید؟ نگرانید که چرا خلیج فارس را عرب نام گذاشته اند ولی ناراحت نیستید که از بیخ عربتان کرده اند؟

ستاد حزب مبارزه با ستم اسلامگرایان.
و نحن الفاکرین الغالبون
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