Sunday, March 04, 2007

Self-portrait with Gele


Talatu-Carmen 4:16 pm  

LOL! Fantastic!

Anonymous,  5:17 pm  

You this man ... you look so pretty in the head gear. Guess you were having some fun - but we need to se you in fila abe'tiaja

Nilla 7:56 pm  


Omodudu 10:19 pm  

A new twist I'd say

My Talking Beginnings 11:15 pm  

And you're well fit too!!! lol lol lol

egbachief,  7:54 am  

If this is an attempt at cross dressing, You suck!!! The lovely made "Gele" looks misplaced on a bearded man!!!

9jamommy 11:45 am  

lol...[no comments]

Dami 12:50 pm  

wow!!that's interesting

Fred 3:04 pm  

You look like a boy whose sisters dressed him up.

Patrice,  4:13 pm  

I think for once there may be a few people who agree with Fred.

Vanilla,  12:34 pm  

You remind me of a Palestinian man in the times of Jesus. LOL

Next portrait please

Dimples 5:50 pm  

Totally loving this picture!!!

Bella HOT can not describe it...mate u rock a gele better than I do.

Pirahna 7:14 pm  

Oh Jeremy LOL

So many thoughts come to mind

1.dressed in the dark?
2.An Afghan man somewhere in the Pakistani Border with Afghanistan
3. Finally insanity caught up with you as we always silently thought!!!
4. Waiting to see wings sprout out of your head and you are about to fly......

Could go on. Never laughed so much in a while

omohemi Benson 7:36 pm  

Please who tied the Gele for you?
Nice one.

Marin 8:01 pm  

Cuteee! You'd make a very pretty girl.

the flying monkeys 9:22 pm  

you smokin' hot dude, ha! ha!

Naijadude 4:54 am  

Nice one you have there, oyinbo man! LOL.... Onigele kenkele, ejo sir!


Nice! How about a series of different geles in different colors. LOL!

In my head and around me 6:40 pm  

This might be a new trend right here! You should take the next step and go for a wedding with gele on your head! Just yanking your chain, man!

i c y A F R I C A N A 8:35 pm  

hahahaha you are a trip lol oh my gwad das too cute lol!

i c y A F R I C A N A 8:36 pm  

hahahah I can't stop laughing

adefunke 5:23 pm  

You look very nice

Spook E 8:18 pm  

no way! please, never again!

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