Saturday, March 24, 2007

Talking about p****

This site is kicking up a storm in Lagos. Lagos big girls spill all about their sexploits..

Update 19:30: hmmm - the site was up this morning, but now has been removed!


Anonymous,  6:57 pm  

Jeremy, this links to Bitchy in the City. Is it the right blog?

MsMak,  3:23 pm  

Actually, someone sent me the link several weeks ago, and i have to say i was turned off. I one or two entries and it just seemed... overly contrived. And also like it was written by one person instead of by five different babes like it claims. And finally, there was the constant mention ad nauseum to their being "mixed race" and other "you naijas".

Basically, i think part of the reason blogs have really blown up is people's interest/curiosity in seeing how others are different from you as a person, what makes them tick, possibly a different view of life or situations that you yourself would take. I like to check out blogs because i a voracious reader, and for me they're a bit like short stories.

It could be real, or it could be fiction. And then there's bad fiction. Now the comments have degenerated into name-calling and abuses - "i spit three times on everything that went into your existence", or "bastard children of runaway sailors". Sigh. Trust me, regular everyday stories coming out of Abuja and Lagos are way more interesting.

For the curious, u can still find it here:

Anonymous,  12:52 am  

do you know of any good nigerian podcasts?

MsMak,  4:28 pm  

Re: Podcasts - i believe there are some on the Nigerian Village Square. Here:

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