Monday, March 26, 2007

El Anatsui

Nigeria's leading sculptor (Ghanaian but based at UNN) El Anatsui is currently showing at the October Gallery in London. Click here to go to the microsite. If you've not been to the gallery before, I strongly recommend it. Its near the British Museum, there's a nice place to meet for tea and coffee inside the space, and the gallery has perhaps the loveliest toilets in London. Take a book in with you.

Meanwhile, Soyinka is speaking at a Royal African Society event tonight on slavery. As usual with these kind of things, its sold out. One should never underestimate how many eager culturati beavers there are in London and book early. I remember when Derrida came to speak at the ICA years ago - the tickets sold out in 15 mins. Perhaps I should try and crash it anyway?


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