Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The dog meat eaters of Abuja

A few people sent me this article on the Beeb's site today - about the dog meat eaters of Abuja. Although I knew eating dog is popular in parts of Nigeria, and of course amongst the Korean community in Lagos (there's a dog market for this purpose near Falomo bridge on the VI side in Lagos), I had no idea there were dog meat joints (pardon the pun) here in Abj..


Patrice,  10:57 pm  

404: A dog is also called 404 after the French-built Peugeot pick-up van, a tribute to a dog's ability to run fast

Apparently not fast enough . . . or maybe the suppliers train on a diet of 'tyre'?

Tyre: A dog's legs. Mr Umoh claims that eating a 'tyre' makes you a fast runner

zeyi 12:37 am  

Reading this and seeing the pix makes me sick to my stomach as a dog lover. Then again I do eat meat. now I know how the people at PETA feel when they see me eating meat.

Anonymous,  1:18 am  

Dog meat is a delicacy to some. It's worth trying out at least once in a life time. I will definitely look out for the spot when next I come to the Nigerian capital city.

Thank God for your link to Ayoke's blog, I really thought the blog is no more in existence but it still is! Though, the comment link on there is playing up so we still cannot leave messages for her.

Calabar Gal 11:21 am  

Dog Meat Joints in Ajuja?!?!?!!?
Thats Wonderful?!?!!? Now I'm spoilt for choice and not restricted to heading only to Calabar to get my fill when next I'm in naija.

Lolita 11:38 pm  

This story is the most hilarious story I have ever heard/read, I cannot stop laughing, it is that funny!

But as I say, to each his own, we demolish goat meat as if it is going out of style but in other parts of the world some people consider them pets! Let's not even talk about cute little bunnies(rabbits)!

404, ROTFLMAO, priceless!!!

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