Thursday, March 01, 2007

Terry Callier live

Singing Lazarus Man at a gig in Berlin. I think this is the best aspect of YouTube - archival footage of saints and heroes from around and about.

See for instance this classic exchange between Chomsky and Foucault from back in the day.

Meanwhile, the wind is up. There was thunder yesterday. The rain is nearly upon us.


culturalmiscellany 2:16 pm  

I'm looking forward to experiencing the rainy season when I visit. It'll be interesting to see Nigeria in a difeerent season.

Fred 3:00 pm  

Chomsky, on his way to achieving idol status to the monomaniacal leftist surrender monkeys. I can't wait for that guy to die and meet his maker, what a shock that'd be!

TC's Lazarus Man, good stuff. You're batting 500, Jez. Not bad.

Anonymous,  8:00 am  

Hi Jeremy,my friends and I are planning a trip to Accra for the weekend. Can you reccommend a nice hotel to stay in? Nothing too pricey as we are on a tight budget.
P.S. sorry for bothering you like this.

culturalmiscellany 8:32 pm  

I stayed at the Hilltop Hotel near Accra Girls School. Its clean and well run. Katharine

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