Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Nigerian tv news

With Yaradua most probably dead, NTA national news is interviewing some guy about sport, AIT is showing an old premier league match, Silverbird... well its not clear what Silverbird are showing because the station is covered beneath layers of electric snow but it looks like a fashion show, and Channels is showing a nice cosy bit of David Attenborough. Issues such as whether the elections will be postponed, an interim government installed, did he die an entirely 'natural' death etc will just have to wait..

As a muslim, if he has died he will have to be buried soon, so the official news will also have to be announced soon. It will be interesting to find out the gap in hours between speculation of his death via phones and blogs and any announcement on tv.


Chxta 3:57 pm  

He isn't dead.

This isn't the Abacha case that they could hide. If indeed Yar'Adua has died, it means that he'd have died on foreign soil. That won't hide...

superK,  9:03 am  

the nigerian media does need a HUGE wake up call. i spent the greater part of yday afternoon looking for any signs of that story on nta and ait and eventually switched the tv off in frustration. however, i did get some nice tips off some health show!! btw....nice blog.

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