Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Monty Python's football match

I'm so happy to find my all-time favourite Python sketch on YouTube. Watch it here.

Other classic sketches are:
Oscar Wilde
The argument clinic
Johann Gambolputty
Mr Creosote
(loyal readers will remember who he was compared with on an earlier post)

Ahhh, life with 10mbs broadband...


soheb,  10:54 am  

Jeremy, isn't this copyright infringement?

Youtube is being sued by Viacom -

I eventually read Bibi's paper critiquing Oyeronke Oyewunmi on 'Yorubas don't do gender'. Please thank our sister for me. She offers a different way of seeing the world - insightful; reminds me of post-modern social anthropological problematisation of..... everything. Sometimes, nothing seemed graspable, but I do find notions of static ahistorical ‘truth’ extremely problematic, indeed downright wrong (‘wrong’ is not a word acadas use a lot – perhaps ‘deeply misleading’ is better).

How long are you in London for? WLTM.

Jeremy 11:17 pm  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mr.Fineboy 11:29 am  

Great great blog dude! Well done, visit me sometime!

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