Monday, June 22, 2009

Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani on the World Service

Here. I Do Not Come to you by Chance will be published in November by Cassava Republic Press.


miss b 8:52 pm  

I just did a review of this book on my blog, check it out:

Hadiza 10:47 pm  

Hey Jeremy, I just got the book from Borders today. Look forward to reading it. How have you been?

Amy,  10:00 am  

Hi Jeremy,

I really think you guys should seriously stop promoting other publisher's writers especially if you are planning to publish her already. Why should you do the work and her American or British publisher gets the credit? I was travelling through the UK and US when the book came out, there was no noise about it and none of my friends had even heard of the book or the author. The first we heard about it is on your blog last month. We decided in my book club that we couldn't wait for your edition so I reluctantly had to buy 10 copies of the book. This must be the most vile cover I have seen in a long while. I wish I had bought the UK cover.

Anyway, stop using your platform to promote writers you have not yet published. If not for you, believe me, many a Nigerians in the diaspora would not have heard of the book.

It is a great, funny book. Cash Daddy is just classic.

S,  12:05 pm  

I bought the book in London recently. It is too funny. Not one to read on the tube 'cause people are going to think you're crazy. I brought it back with me to Nigeria and I am kind of reluctant to borrow it to people who are queuing up to read it.

Jeremy, maybe Amy is right you know. so many people I know who have heard it read about it on your blog. And I introduced the book to my friends in london and they are loving it. They hadn't even heard about it. These are your typical London literary types. You are helping another publisher to market their product. I really hope that people we'll support your effort here and the author appreciates this kind of publicity you are giving her. I doubt it if her London or US publisher will tell us that it is been published by a nigerian writer.

Anyway, everyone must read it when it comes out in Nigeria.


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