Saturday, June 06, 2009


Silliest name for an organisation in Nigeria nominee is INTERCRAP. This sign board was snapped in Area 11, Garki, near Fahad Stores.


Akin 8:31 pm  

Hello Jeremy,

You seem to be thinking in the box of your expansive knowledge of the ridiculous choosing of names and identities.

What is to say this identity does not fully represent the crap it proposes though unwittingly to the proponents of the self-same organisation?

Crap in English means what it means, the same crap might well be manure in other places.

I would assume the stance of this being analogous to other well known shit metaphors.



dapxin 11:24 pm  

this time, your post here is crap!

Its a bit default. predictable.

I am bored. cant even type further.

pam 9:18 am  

I saw this yesterday and the day before and burst out laughing both times. but I was the only one laughing...
NGO acronyms are a minefield.

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