Friday, June 19, 2009

Race in Lagos...

Oyinbo hawks Gala in Lag. Here for the story.


Emilia 4:03 pm  

Nice story! This is what i call atrue reporter.. you go out and do the dirty job yourself don,t rely on info you get elsewhere really cool

Anonymous,  6:46 pm  

his blogs here,

Anonymous,  2:54 pm  

this is a joke?

Anonymous,  12:38 am  

Too Many Conspiracy Theories
Jeff | Lagos-Nigeria | 6/25/2009 1:35:00 AM
I just saw this article and read through the comments to see far too many conspiracy theories regarding this man's research here in Nigeria. For one, his name is Sean Basinski, not Alsinski. This little typo helps when you try to Google him as some of you have done. He is the Director of the Street Vendor Project based out of New York and they have taken great strides to help fix the working conditions and laws pertaining to street vendors in New York City. Contrary to popular belief he is actually doing research on similar issues here in Nigeria and not on some covert mission from the US government to bring all of the unemployed white people from the US to Nigeria to hawk some new-fangled product that he was doing marketing research on while simultaneously working on a scathing expose of Nigerian street life that he would then sell a screenplay for back in the US to become a millionaire in order to start a war with Nigeria and enslave all of the citizens to help him build better cities for evil Americans to move to and litter the streets of with the bodies of the innocent people that are shot in them while I type this message.

copied and pasted off page original article appears.
july 14

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