Saturday, June 27, 2009

Online naija sex shop

For all your dildo/lube/cock ring/butt plug/penis enlargement/bondage needs. Zee online.


Baba,  12:34 am  

Hahaha!! I luv this as I think personally some of my male and female naija counterparts need enlightenment on issues of sexual nature. I'm rubbing my hands in glee while eagerly awaiting the varying array of responses this is going to get from your readers.

le Sapiosexual 8:49 pm  

finally, I was under the assumption that I would have to open my own sex store when I come back to Nigeria...
Finally Nigerian's are becoming more open about sex and sexuality...if there's a swingers' club let me know

miss b 9:19 pm  

hahahaha, my fave is the discreet pacaking and delivary!!!

bisola,  10:29 pm  

ROTFLMAO!!!! couldn't help noticing that they'd sold out on most of the men's toys. tehehehehe. sorry, don't know why i'm tickled by that, but ahem! in my humble opinion, not enough variety for women, loads of stuff i was hoping to see, like... never mind, i'll take it up with them.

Saymama 11:54 pm  

Whoa! In Naija?! LOL.

Ms. Catwalq 5:21 am  


Where is that credit card of mine?

Sassy Trends 8:28 am

This,  12:32 pm  

good business idea especially for the African market, my Angolan friend runs a similar website

Anonymous,  8:14 pm  

Oh dear...

So sex shops have made their way into Nigeria too? That is so sad. It is too terribly Western and has no place in an African society.

Nigerians will always go and import the wrong thing.


Anonymous,  4:35 am  

So sad that our society is now adopting western vices.

vibradores 11:04 am  

Are beautiful these products !!!!

Anonymous,  6:52 am  

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sex shop 11:36 pm  

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pinkBunny 10:55 pm  

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Anonymous,  7:28 pm  

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Anonymous,  12:50 pm  

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Anonymous,  1:36 am  

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valentines gifts 12:31 pm  

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Anonymous,  11:38 pm  

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