Friday, June 05, 2009

Interesting job advert...

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Akin 5:16 pm  

Hello Jeremy,

Help me here. Is the Administration Executive job one for an Executive Director, a mistress or a personal masquerading as a job advert?

At least there is no cooking requirement except if that is implicit in the marriage proposal.



Anonymous,  6:00 pm  

At least he is honest about his intentions.

Twreckx 6:28 pm  

My mother died laughing reading this. Might just as well have said "Wanted: impossibly talented woman to be my doormat".

N.zeit 7:48 pm  

Reads like an advert for either a marriage mate (possibly 2nd wife to bear son that 1st wife "has failed" to birth) or a mistress.

Maybe I should apply?

I keed, I Keed:)

Ms. Catwalq 9:37 pm  

abi o jare...

Tyger 10:35 pm  


executive director my foot! this is a personal masquerading

dapxin 2:10 am  

oh well. made my friday night shift gr8!


You honestly read random things. Kai!

Christian Writer 7:30 am  

I'm quite confused. What's the ad for; a mistress cum doormat?

Adeleke Adesanya 10:48 am  

You'd be amazed how many applicants will have acted on this. Demand finds supply

Chioma 11:44 am  

At first I thought it was a prank when I saw it on FB but I just saw the newspaper version of it. If only I were 35, I'd have applied just for the heck of it.

I bet they'll get lots of applicants and all this circulation on the internet will surely help him get more applicants than he expected.

wienna,  12:23 am  

Are you kidding me? What right-minded editor/publisher would allow this crap to be published on their newspaper. Only for naija.

Iredotp 6:28 pm  

Lafta wan kill me o! Wish I qualified, I would have gone in order to get to the 'bottom' of the matter!
Jeremy do plant an applicant so we know how it goes. Get an Ibo lady who fits the requirements so we know 'what goes down'.
@ Wienna, well, it is PAID advert, u can't blame the publication. hahahaha

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