Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Shrine is closed down

The Afrika Shrine has been closed down by Lagos State Government. Its a real shame - its one of the few things foreigners visiting Lagos look forward to experiencing. I hope they sort it out. As it is, Lagos is in desperate need of better music theatre facilities. Its a poor set of choices between the National Theatre, TBS and that tent thing Dis Day have down the Lekki Expressway...


Thisgirl 10:06 pm  

The fact that it is Fashola's govt that closed it down makes me hesitant to pass any judgment till the full story comes out.

Crnk Mnky 10:23 pm  

go ahead and pass a preliminary judgement. Gov. Fashola is closing everything down, but nobody minds how many eggs get broken as long as they belonged to sum1 else.

that said, I honestly don't know ish about Lagos and don't want to start a comment war just yet...

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