Monday, June 08, 2009

The Head of Ife

We still live in an outdated, sepia-tinted world. Or rather, the BBC does. Its I-Player is tangled up in legalities, which mean that you can only use it if you live in the UK, and even then, you have a poxy 7 days to watch it, in lo-res format only.

At some point, a radical step will have to happen, and the BBC opens up online on-demand access to content to a global market (perhaps giving up on the licence fee in the process). It would make plenty of money in this way, given the vastness of its archives and its daily output on TV, radio and the web.

Then, and only then, will people around the world have access to content such as this. Maybe my hair will be 100% grey by then...


Controversial Anon 10:37 pm  

For anyone who is interested, you can watch prgrammes on the iPlayer from anywhere in the world, all you need is a UK IP address which you can get quite easily from or

All you need to do is change your IP to a Uk one through your browser options, and iPlayer will think you are in the UK and allow you full access.

If the above instruction is a bit too technical for you then just watch a video instruction on youtube here -

This trick also works for other UK online TV services like 4OD and ITV

Happy viewing!

dapxin 1:49 am  

there is a little tool out there on the web that is about 50kb and grabs the bloody videos/audio as a avi or mp3 file.

do a google on ipdl.

the few times I ever needed to do iplayer, I used that and it rocks.

cant sit my entire life trying to watch some video over congested lines.

It should work outside of the uk

LoloBloggs 10:51 am  

IP or no IP, the programme is no longer available to watch for anyone!

Don't ask me why, they haven't even said why it's not available, although the 7 day period is not up!

Sean 8:25 pm  

BBC is the only one of the major broadcasters being stupid in this way.

Anonymous,  12:17 pm

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