Thursday, June 04, 2009

That bloody bill again

She must really hate cleavages abi?


Iyaeto 11:32 pm  


Santangelo 1:32 am  

Or her husband is chasing young well endowed women around and this is her payback. Obviously there are less pressing issues at stake in Nigeria.

dapxin 1:40 am  

or just so hugely bored/ or brainlez.

Sugabelly 7:23 am  

Oh God, can this foolish woman give it a bloody rest?? What the hell?

Bunmmy 9:01 am  

no work for senate, maybe the next bill to consider is menu / kitchen plan for families.

Mike,  9:15 am  

At least in this article there was no reference to African culture...

Anonymous,  9:32 am  

Someone should do give this woman something to do. Or get rid of her. She is obviously bored, ignorant and stupid. If this is what she can come up with with all the problems women have right now, then she deserves to be flogged

StandTall-The Activist 12:32 pm  

What is she thinking or what are they thinking? Let's watch out for part 2 of " Halle in hot romance with Fox". I tell you anything can happen

StandTall-The Activist 12:37 pm  

Delete the first comment pls, it was wrongly posted.
Here is my comment:

Well, I dont see this as her thing a lot. Who is using her is the question but we shall see how some bunch of uninformed senators will pass a bill that will violate human rights and put a lot of Nigerian citizens at the messy of our useless (excuse my french) police!

N.zeit 7:51 pm  

I have seen her before ... she has no front attack.

Maybe its pay back for all those years of playground taunts from well-endowed babes?

PS: I lied ... I have no clue what she looks like but she OBVIOUSLY has a problem with boobies. Boobies-envy like penis-envy?

Anonymous,  10:31 pm  

Bunmmy you are killing me!!! Can just imagine the stupid bitch drafting laws about Maggi cube e.t.c.....

Abiola,  12:35 pm  

Missing crucial point. This woman is the 'Chairman, Senate Committee on Women and Youth DEVELOPMENT'. We should take her seriously by highlighting her deficiencies for such an important post. Instead of an advocate for the two social groups, we have a repressive.

archiwiz 9:08 pm  

Obviously, to her this bill is much more important than campaigning against the misogyny and violence that plagues Nigerian women daily. The heightened stupidity that plagues some of our so-called leaders never fails to astound me.

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