Friday, June 05, 2009

Postcard from 1976


N.zeit 7:44 pm  

Aww ... leaves me nostalgic.

Where did you find the postcard? It is part of your family history or did you find it trucked away between the pages of a book in some very old neighborhood bookstore (that has happened to me before)?

Please tell!

J,  12:26 am  

2 kwel, for all sort of reasons but mainly for the coincidence that my sister lives in Woodford Green, Essex. And because her husband will go abroad- Nigeria- for a quick assignment, I have been asked to come spend the week to help with the kids.

I wonder if he ll send post cards to the little ones, or if he ll be meeting Alhaji Yar'adua this time...


dapxin 1:22 am  

I want one...from Kaduna tho :)

+ whats to write ?

MaryP,  8:50 am  

I have a similar postcard that my Dad sent to my mother when he worked in Lagos in the 1970's. I found it in the drawer as a child and it spurred me on to visit Nigeria later in life.

Having friends I like to write to in Nigeria the only way to send written notes that get there is on a postcard as they don't get stolen, whereas letters do. They take roughly 30 days to get to Nigeri from the Uk but its a reliable enough service.

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