Monday, June 01, 2009


Taken in Feb this year by le mec..


LoloBloggs 9:55 pm  

Has this shot been edited? You look like a giant!

J,  12:17 am  

You are too tall!
And i think I might have seen u at the Hay Fest

Ms. Catwalq 12:51 am  

you messed with the pictures joo...


wetin you chop?

N.zeit 1:02 am  

Awww ... you mom is cute!

It's amazing to think that that little woman (no insult intended oh!) gave birth to the Big Giant that is you.

Genetics/Creation (pick your poison) is just WHOA!

Moody Crab 9:11 am  

Mr Weate, abeg how tall are you? 6"5? *Shudders*

Iyaeto 6:55 pm  

too tall!!I want the wellies!!!

Anonymous,  9:54 pm  

this photo was actually taken by martha...dr. J !
and to answer one question, no...
it wasn't edited

Jeremy 10:50 pm  

Oops. Sorry. Author of the photo: Professor Lagess.

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