Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The health of Nigerian banks..

According to the latest Africa Report, only Diamond Bank, First Bank, GTB and Skye Bank can be classified as "strong" banks in Nigeria. 9 banks are classified as "satisfactory", while 7 are deemed to be "shaken" and four as "stressed".

To download the report, click here. Punch Newspaper ran a story on the Africa Report's report in their daily paper today. This edition was 'sold out' today on the news stands. Make of that side-story what you will...


Anonymous,  3:38 am  

I think it's fairly accurate. A lot of these banks don't show their true numbers to keep investors confident. Some of the cracks are beginning to show.
GTBank and Skye Bank however, under the type of management team they have leave no surprise as to why they are considered strong banks.

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