Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Homage to the Sartorialist

Snapped on Pall Mall near Simpsons bookshop. I am sure he was on his way home to Thamesmead or somesuch...


Anonymous,  9:32 pm  

back to naij and sloooow internet. assume picture that is still loading (5 mins on) is scott schuman going walkies?

Anonymous,  9:42 pm  

me again...picture finally loaded. all i can say is
HA HA HA HA HA HA HA... and, i can feel that yolk running down my face.
love the primark bag (ouch, who said that? my inner snob. in my defence twas your outer snob wot posted this pic in the first place)

Anonymous,  10:05 pm  

He could well be on his way home to primrose hill..

Bisolaedun,  10:29 pm  

Awww!! Don't you just love the sartorialist? One of my absolute favorite blogs. Olujeremy, why don't you start the sartorialist naija style? It'd be interesting to see the photos you come up with...

Anonymous,  9:51 am  

Jezza, so now we know something else about you, a bit of a snob. Nothing wrong with intellectual abi na sartorial snobbery, but I thought you more open minded. Tattoo, primark, thamesmead, soooooo what? Does that make a lesser person?

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