Monday, June 08, 2009

Shell pays out US$15.5m

A success for the Saro-Wiwa family and the other plaintiffs, but perhaps a shame that the case didn't go to trial. Still, the payment is an admission of culpability of sorts..


xoliquoricexo 12:31 am  

His son's reaction here:

Dee 2:28 am  

I never thought it would go to trial…Shell would want a high profile case like this swept away quickly so it doesn’t generate any media attention.

It’s a twisted way of admitting culpability

Ms. Catwalq 7:26 am  

$15,000,000.00 for how many lives?

N.zeit 7:27 am  

It isn't perhaps a shame ... it is a shame!

But things could have been worse ... they could have gone to trail and had the case ruled in the murders favor.

Wait! Maybe that wouldn't have been such a bad thing? Maybe it would make the world pay more attention?

Anonymous,  2:14 pm  

it's 15mill plus attorneys fees,which after 13 years would likely be higher than 15mil. It's a good job by the plaintiffs

Anonymous,  5:34 pm  

Perhaps it's time the Nigerian co- conspirators were brought to trial...

miss b 12:41 pm  

it is better it didnt go trial, they would have kept appealing until they run out of funds which shell would never run out of!
And I agree, what about the Nigerians that took part and are still taking part in the violatiions against the Niger Delta? When are they going to be taken to trial??

Anonymous,  2:06 pm  

this was pursuant to the Alien Tort act which does not apply to non americans, hence no nigerians in the suit.

they can bring a case in nigeria to give it a shot, but we know how that will go

Toksboy 9:04 pm  

I only hope the payment reaches its final destination in full.

Anonymous,  12:07 pm  

I'm not an apologist for Shell, but what about the Nigerian authorities? Shell presumably pays for the oil & gas, and there are terms & conditions on which it operates. Or not? I guess the dimwits in charge of oil & gas in Nigeria cannot enforce these terms & conditions, and it takes a foreigner to do this. What has the FGN done for the Delta? rape, pillage, pollute and distribute the oil & gas, not bad if you belong or aspire to the Nigerian elite. $15m from Shell, then what? Who will speak up for those attacked by the JTF? I guess we'll find another oil company to blame. Just remember fellow citizens, nothing works without the foreigners, all we do is look good and talk a lot of BS, they do the real work. The lunatics continue to run the asylum!

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