Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ikare Kamp

Someone just told me about this place, accessible by boat on the Ilashe beach strip. Looks nice, abi?


Baba,  11:08 pm  

What's the name of the establishment?

Baba,  11:14 pm  

Never mind figured it out.. Kamp Ikare.

Ms. Catwalq 5:23 am  

is this like in Ondo state? or where is Ikare again?

Anonymous,  9:43 am  

It's in Lagos, near the Village Ikare. Ikare is located in Ojo along the Lagos coast, but is detached from the mainland by a creek and therefore is only accessible by boat.

Anonymous,  10:17 pm  

interesting. more details would be nice.

Anonymous,  8:59 pm  

How do i get there?,.....costs for the beach house....please info.... :) i like the pics

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