Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Congrats Tolu

Tolu Ogunlesi (male, Nigeria) wins the Guardian prize for a fictional short story (writing the first paragraph). The winner was selected by Kate Mosse, Orange award co-founder.


Anonymous,  10:51 am  

I have just checked the link and read the snippet of Tolu Ogunlesis submission. The panel must be blind. Cant they see plagiarism. Tolu has copied from a book I read about two years ago. I am trying to remember what it is. Ill search through my library tonight and get back to you. This can not be allowed to go through.

Bwari Boy 12:42 am  

Well done Tolu. More grease to your elbow.

plagiarism 12:24 pm  

grease to whose elbows?
That cheat. One day he will be found out like other Nigerian cheats. He has a trick of doing it. A criminal mind -----------plagiarist tolu ogunlesi. I hope anonymous is bold enough to tell us what book tolu copied from

Tuminu,  4:42 pm  

These are serious accusations and entirely baseless. You can't just go spoiling someone's name like that.

Please cite chapter and verse. Where did he "copy" from? Your vague memory is no good here. Unless you can prove anything, be quiet. Don't spoil someone's reputation for no good reason.

Abi na jealous dey catch una?

Jeremy 5:50 pm  

I must echo Tuminu's comment. Kindly supply the reference for the alleged plagiarism, or apologise.

Ademola 9:59 pm  

This anonymaous should be bold enough to identify him/herself at least, then try to realise the fact that u don't always have to talk when u don't have a reason to.
Tolu thumbs up - this is just the begining, get used to such frivolities.

Abdullah,  10:05 pm  

well done Tolu.all the best.

Tyger 10:15 pm  

you are not allowed to accuse someone of plagiarism or to call them names without evidence!

this is the kind of stuff that leads to libel suits

Dear Mr Anonymous please supply evidence or apologise! we are all waiting

Dear Plagiarism
you CANT call someone a cheat without evidence!!! a trick of doing what? are you saying you believe Tolu has plagiarised in the past?

Honestly please provide evidence otherwise APOLOGISE!

Neeyee,  10:21 pm  

Tolu, well done. A job well done.I know one day u go make me proud. Keep representing your naija homeboys. For the accuser, we are all waiting for you to substantiate your arguments.

Sola,  7:28 am  

@Anonymous, just an advise for next time, get your facts right before posting comments or dragging someone in the mud. The fact that you have already raised the dust, then intend to later look for your evidence to support your accusation, tells me there is no credibility to your story. Things are done the other way round.

Ondo Lady 10:14 am  

OMG congratulations. Well done you!! Another great Naija writer coming up. Lets keep em coming.

Ignore the haters!! Don't let them waste your energy.

Adeleke Adesanya 10:54 am  


Found anything in your library yet?Substantiate or shut the f up.

Tolu shouldnt be bothered anyway. Any publicity is good publicity. Why, he even published this claim on his blog.

Anonymous,  4:01 pm  

it's d way people are now programmed in nigeria..they make accusations but no credible proof 2 back it up....they spoil ur name and no apologies and no proof........tolu no worry na bad belle people..........the judges of the prize wd have not have given u if they knew u stole someone's anonymous u beta come up wit a proof or u wd be damned

prize will be withdrawn like my link 4:40 pm  

tolu, you know what I am talking about or dont you? Or do you want me to drop the beat? Dare me? Dont want to spoil Nigerias name but guess what my people, it will be sweeter if I dont reveal just yet. I will wait for a few months and after he may have accepted and collected the award or whatever then I will break the ice. It is sweeter to see Tolus face when the award is withdrawn from him...

So Mr Tolu Ogunlesi plagiariser, go on and collect the prize if you dare...You will be disgraced on cnn, times, reuters, financial times etc shortly. Imagine the international disgrace for nigeria.


Anonymous,  2:02 pm  

Ha! This accuser should have searched his/her library before making this accusation!

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