Sunday, March 02, 2008

The administration awakes..

With the handicap of the election tribunal process over, we may well see the Yar'Adua administration stepping up a gear in the next few weeks. The signs are already there, with the arrest of a Minister in the offing, and rumours that another prominent and controversial Minister may soon be vacating office as part of a reshuffle. MYA has also been making positive noises about infrastructure projects on his trip to China over the weekend, with a self-imposed 2011 deadline to considerably alter the energy matrix in Nigeria. Electoral and constitutional reform (with the President putting his weight behind removal of the immunity clause at Davos recently) would set Nigeria on the path of irreversible transformation and prepare for its place at the BRICS table. It might be time to start dreaming...

This evening I met an aromatherapist who is planning to move back home from the UK and set up shop in Abuja. Things are definitely changing..


Ope,  11:47 pm  

Jeremy, it takes more than the potential arrest of Mrs Adenike Grange for you to come to the sweeping conclusion that things are changing.

a)What has happened to all the former governors that are supposedly being tried for corruption- Did you not watch NTA on the day of the election petition result and see the gathering of thieves at Aso Rock with Yaddy sharing jokes with the likes Ibori and Andy Uba.

In my opinion, it is still the same old and time will tell.

Anonymous,  6:02 am  

I think your info about the minister is inaccurate. My understanding is that she was arrested last week to be interrogated by EFCC and she was actually released over the weekend.

The facts of this case are still unclear but it may just be like the Mohammed Babangida kind of arrest where you are interrogated and subsequently released and nothing is heard again about the case.

Toks- Boy 12:58 pm  

Jeremy despite the first couple of comments I feel that the green shoots of recovery are starting to appear. Little acorns, big trees, etcetc. As you know I have always said that MYA would come through. He was just weighed down with Baba and this hearing. Now we should start to see some real energy.

Also as a Lagosian I must say I am also impressed with some of the stuff I see going on as regards tidying up the place especially along Marina and moving into the VI Lekki axis. Long may it continue.It might actually be beautiful again like I remember it back in the day.

Can your aromatherapist not move to Lagos? We need them oh!

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