Friday, March 14, 2008


Stands for queer. I am stuck in Calabar and can't open up my own site to reply to the commentor who threatens me with a police cell (strangely, I can log in to blogger however). I'm not quite sure what the offence would be however - that bill wasn't passed into law now was it? As it stands, homosexual acts in Nigeria are illegal, not the writing about them. As Waffy said, there are so many more important things to be focusing on. Can we ever live and let live?

Meanwhile, if my commentor friend went to the North-West of England to preach polygamy, I don't think anyone would register his presence. As we learnt from the Archbishop of Canterbury/Sharia furore a few weeks ago, there are already second and third wives claiming the dole, so where is the big deal?


blackstone 11:54 am  

That's absurd! Be careful but don't let anyone scare you to betray your principles.

kemi (the one and only),  1:06 pm  

Jeremy, you needn't have bothered replying him.

naija1st 2:16 pm  

I agree with your 'live and let live mantra' about homosexuality. When will people learn that what one does in one's bedroom and who it is done with is no one else's business?

Another feature of the scaremongers' argument that really annoys me is the idea that somehow homosexuality threatens the institution marriage? How? I don't get it. Do you?

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